Asus VivoWatch Review

Asus is not a novice player in the wearable industry and has already a winner with Zenwatch. The company has launched Asus VivoWatch to offer more fitness-centric features to the users. The most significant feature of this smartwatch is the battery life along with its beautiful LCD display.Unlike Apple Watch, the VivoWatch has no blank

Xiomi Mi Band Review

Xiomi is well-known for releasing products at affordable prices. With Xiomi Mi Band, you will get the cheapest fitness band/activity tracker. This water resistant wearable comes with sleep-cycle smart alarm. It is one of the competitive fitness monitor and sleep tracker and runs MIUI android 4.4 and above. Xiomi Mi band offers you stylish band

Withings Activité – Activity and Sleep Tracker Review

With many activity trackers available, it’s difficult to select the one for you. We provide you detailed review of these wearables so that you can better decide for which one to go. If you don’t like the design and look of typical fitness bands and don’t find them comfortable in wearing everywhere, Withings Activité deserves

Moto 360 Smartwatch Review

Motorola’s Moto 360 is one of the hottest wearables available in the market today. Thanks to its classic, round design and leather accessories that make it stand out in the crowd. Moto 360 is distinctive from its rivals like Apple Watch. It is a cool-looking watch with a good wrist strap and better microphones to

Moov Fitness Tracker Review

Wearables has been around for quite a long time and now, tech giants like Apple, Samsung and more are moving into wearables. The future of wearable technology is exciting than anything else. Fitness trackers are gaining popularity among the people for their pivotal role in improving our health and fitness. A new device called Moov

Meet Microsoft Band, the Fitness Tracker That Also Works with Android and iOS

Microsoft has this time come up with the game changer: Microsoft Band. The Band works with more than just Windows-based mobiles and syncs with iPhone and Android Phone as well. Microsoft made a dramatic entrance into the wearable market with the Band. As the Microsoft Band syncs with your phone, you will also get notifications