An Introduction to Regression Testing

Regression Testing is a fourth level of testing and is conducted to make sure that the changes to the software do not adversely affect it. This type of testing is done when some enhancements or defect fixes are made to the software. In simple words, it means re-testing an application when its code has been

System Testing- Testing Of a Fully Integrated Product

System Testing is the third level of testing process conducted in software testing. It is a process of testing the software as a whole complete integrated system. In simple words, the process of testing an integrated system is to investigate that it meets specified requirements (SRS) is known as “system testing”. [leaderad] Let’s get a

Integration Testing – A Vital Level of Software Testing Process

Integration Testing is an important phase of software testing where the individual modules are combined and are tested together as a group. Thus, it is a process of testing where the parts of software application are tested for their working behavior. [leaderad] “Integration Testing” as the name suggests, is the process of testing integrated parts

Unit Testing is a Crucial Practice for Developers

In software testing, unit testing is a first level of testing and is conducted to test a small piece of code or a program for a small module. [leaderad] Unit testing is a crucial form of testing conducted in the field of software testing. This testing can be also called as start-up or first level

Software Testing Levels That You Should Follow

In the arena of software testing, testing levels are used to minimize the defects/gaps in an application for better quality. Testing levels help in reducing bugs which are generated in each development phase of an application. Different testing levels have different functionality and output results for the software. Levels in testing can be only attained

Comparison of Different Software Testing Methods

In the field of software testing, we make use of different software testing methods. These are conducted to provide information about the quality of the product or service. Test methodologies focus on executing the program with the purpose of finding bugs or other defects. There are three popular methods for software testing: black box testing,

An Introduction to Gray Box Testing

In the previous posts, we have discussed about white box testing and black box testing. [leaderad] Today, we are going to discuss gray box testing. This testing sometimes called as “Grey Box Testing”, both are one and the same thing. What is Gray Box Testing (GBT)? This is third method of testing performed usually after

An Overview of Black Box Testing

As you know that there are different types of testing in the field of software testing, it is vital to have knowledge about them. In the previous post, we discussed about white box testing and today, we are here to discuss on second type of testing that is done after white box testing which is

Let’s Understand White Box Testing

In software testing many different types of testing and techniques are conducted and among them, one of the famous testing is known as WBT. [leaderad] The word WBT stands for White Box Testing and is called by various different other names such as Open Box Testing, Glass Box Testing, Clear Box Testing, Transparent Box Testing

5 Best GUI Testing Tools

Have you heard about the term GUI? Yes, you are right. It is Graphical User Interface. GUI is important because if user is not clear with the user interface (UI) then there is no use of the software functionality. Successful software is one which performs functionality and GUI behavior correctly. For the software success, both