5 Best GUI Testing Tools

Have you heard about the term GUI? Yes, you are right. It is Graphical User Interface. GUI is important because if user is not clear with the user interface (UI) then there is no use of the software functionality. Successful software is one which performs functionality and GUI behavior correctly. For the software success, both functionality and GUI working state are a must.

GUI testing implies testing an application for its design. It is used to test a software application/product graphical user interface to ensure that it meets its functionality and mentioned specifications. This can be achieved both by manual and automation testing. As you all know that manual testing takes a lot of time for testing so it’s better to have automated GUI testing tools which are available to meet the GUI requirements.

Here is our list of top 5 GUI testing tools:

gui testing tools

1) Abbot
If you are searching for Java based GUI testing framework among various GUI testing tools available, then Abbot is the tool that best matches your demand. With this tool, you can test your Java user interface. Abbot is an open source tool which uses Costello as a script editor in its framework. Abbot can be used in two ways either as a script or as a compiled code. It is a nice tool which can be also used for unit and functional testing.
Latest Version: Abbot 1.2.0
License: Eclipse Public License (EPL)
Integrated Tools: Junit
Scripting Language: Java
Platform Supported: Microsoft OS
Download Abbot

2) eggplant
eggPlant is a QA automation and GUI testing tool for testers. This tool is based on image matching technology and can be used for many different testing methods such as: automation testing, black box testing, functional testing and performance testing. This amazing tool actually focuses on image based testing and image comparison in a software application/product. eggPlant is also available for a free trial period.
Developer: TestPlant
License: Proprietary
Integration with: ALM
Scripting Language: Visual Design
Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Solaris
Download eggPlant

3) Ranorex
Ranorex is an attractive tool among our list of best GUI testing tools. Ranorex provides a GUI test automation framework to test desktop, web-based and mobile applications. This tool doesn’t carry any scripting language but uses programming languages like C# and VB.NET. This tool can be used for a free trial period of 30 days.
Developer: Ranorex GmbH
Latest Version: Ranorex 5.1.3
License: Proprietary
Scripting Language: None
Supported Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Platform Supported: Microsoft Windows
Download Ranorex

4) Android GUITAR
Android GUITAR is a tool for testing GUIs on the Android platform. Here, GUITAR stands for Graphical User Interface Testing Framework. Android applications running on an Android emulator can easily tested for its GUIs by communicating with plugin of an Android GUITAR tool. This tool has the ability to generate automatic GUI tests.
Latest Version: GUITAR 1.0
License: General Public License
Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, Android
Download Android GUITAR

5) HP WinRunner
When we are talking about top GUI testing tools, HP WinRunner cannot be ignored. It is one of the best tools for automating functional GUI test. This tool works with HP Quick Test Professional and providing nice recording and playback features. Here, recording mode can be of two types- Context Sensitive Recording and Analog Recording.
Developer: Hewlett Packard
Latest Version: HP WinRunner 9.2
License: Proprietary
Scripting Language: Test Script Language (TSL)
Platform Supported: Microsoft Windows


Success of any software depends largely on how it interacts with the users. GUI testing tools play an important role in ensuring that it responds in functionally correct manner with the users. These tools ensure that it meets written specifications. GUI testing tools are essential for software developers as well as testers. We hope that you like our compilation of top GUI testing tools.

If you have other tools to recommend, please feel free to share them with our readers in the comments.

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