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Ulefone GW01 SmartWatch – Attractive and Affordable

Ulefone GW01

Meet Ulefone GW01 Smartwatch

Technology has brought us from the basic phone to the smartphone and then tool us far beyond that with traditional watches to powerful smartwatches. Now, wristwatches not only tell us the time but also come to a whole new level by performing almost all functions of a smartphone. Ulefone is rapidly spreading its roots all over the smartphones and smartwatches. Ulefone is one of the top brands selling smartwatches and today, we are talking about Ulefone GW01 smartwatch that comes at attractive price of $54.99. Let’s have a look at its specifications:

Ulefone GW01

Display and Design

The first thing you will admire about this smartwatch is the appealing design and a premium finish. It comes with a round dial of 1.3 inch display with resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. There’s a single button on the watch to access the application menu and perform other functions. You can change the skins according to your choice. At the back of the dial, there lies heart rate sensor and magnetic suction charger. It also offers real-leather bands that are replaceable with any strap of your choice.

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Ulefone GW01

Processor and Battery

Under the hood, the smartwatch is powered by a MTK2502 MediaTek processor alongside 64MB of RAM and internal memory of 128MB. It draws power from a 310mAh battery source. It claims to offer about 120 hours of standby and up to 3 hours charge time.

Ulefone GW01

Heart Rate Monitoring

Ulefone GW01 smartwatch has a heart rate sensor present on the back side of the panel. It offers accurate heart rate monitoring results.

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Ulefone GW01


The pedometer allows you to record every step you take and display a report. This smartwatch allows you to monitor the steps taken, calories burnt and more.

Sleep Monitor

The smartwatch is also capable of monitoring the quality of your sleep.

Ulefone GW01

Remote Control

Ulefone GW01 smartwatch also comes with remote functions like remote camera, remote music player etc.


It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a smartphone. You will be able to check out your phone book, control the music player, synchronize your messages and lots more. The smartwatch lets you make and take calls without the need of a smartphone. You will also get notifications when messages arrive. It also has an IP rating that makes it waterproof.

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ulefone gw01


The smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It supports Android 2.3 and iOS 7.0 operating systems and above. It also comes with a list of languages to choose from such as French, Spanish, English, Chinese and more.

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Ulefone GW01

A quick look at specifications of Ulefone GW01 Smartwatch:

Specifications Details
Screen Size 1.3 inch
Screen Resolution 240 x 240
Built-in chip type MTK2502
Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof Yes
Battery 310mAh
Compatibility Android: 4.3 and above
iOS: 7.0 and above
What’s Included Smartwatch, Charging Cable, Charging Base,
Chinese and English User Manual
Price $54.99
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  • Appealing design
  • Waterproof
  • Changeable leather bands
  • Affordable


  • None

Final words

All in all, Ulefone GW01 smartwatch is a good choice when you are planning to buy a smartwatch. It comes with an attractive design and good set of features. It is priced at $54.99 which makes it cheaper than most smartwatches available today.

So, go ahead at and grab it today.

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