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10 Best Selfie Sticks for Smartphones

Best Selfie Sticks

In the past couple of years, more and more people are getting crazy about taking selfies. The selfie sticks are great in demand these days. The monopods were once used only by professional photographers to steady their cameras. Nowadays, everyone loves to capture selfies and with selfie sticks, it becomes a hassle-free task. So, here we list out the best selfie sticks to buy:

Best Selfie Sticks

1) PerfectDay Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Wired Selfie Stick

PerfectDay pocket selfie stick allows you to capture beautiful selfies. It has been designed to let you capture every great moment with ease. It comes with a folding adapter and easily comes in your pocket. Its lightweight and compact design makes it one of the best selfie sticks available in the market today. It is available in grey, black and blue color options.

Price: $7.99
Buy PerfectDay Self-portrait Monopod

best selfie sticks

2) Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick

Here comes the popular and fashionable selfie stick that comes with built-in Bluetooth remote control and great battery. You can comfortably take selfies and even group photos with this selfie stick. It is very simple to use it. You just need to turn it on and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and click. It comes with adjustable head to offer you the best angle while clicking photo.

Price: $13.00
Buy Mpow iSnap X

best selfie sticks

3) Kiwii Selfie Stick

Kiwii Selfie Stick comes with a user-friendly design and is compatible with all smartphones. It is portable enough to fit in your pocket or purse and allows you to shoot both videos and photos. The amazing part of this selfie stick is that there’s no battery and thus, no need of recharging. You can take infinite pictures with this selfie sticks. It is one of the best and affordable choices of selfie sticks.

Price: $7.99
Buy Kiwii Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

4) CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Remote

CamKix selfie stick comes with a compact design and conveniently fit into any small bag. It comes with an adjustable extension, allowing you to adjust the length of selfie stick to get that perfect shot. The mount at top of the stick can be positioned at any point through a 180 degree arc and thus, you can adjust the position according to the specific shot.

Price: $14.99
Buy CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

5) Anker Selfie Stick

Anker Selfie Stick is a must-have in our compilation of the best selfie sticks. You just need to simply plug in the connector to your phone’s headphone jack and start taking selfies. This selfie stick does not require any Bluetooth connection or charging. It comes with a compact design and is compatible with all phones including android, iPhone etc. It is not compatible with Windows OS devices.

Price: $7.99
Buy Anker Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

6) Flexion Selfie Stick

Flexion quicksnap pro 3-in-1 self-portrait monopod extendable wireless Bluetooth selfie stick comes with built-in Bluetooth remote shutter. The monopod can extend as long as 3.5 feet and has a phone holder compatible with all phones including Android and Apple. The adjustable holders allows you to take pictures from a variety of shooting angles.

Price: $11.97
Buy Flexion Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

7) TaoTronics Selfie Stick

TaoTronics selfie stick comes with a compact and ergonomic design. It features seamless Bluetooth connectivity to make selfies incredibly simple. It comes with an impressive battery life and lasts for about 20 hours on a single charge. This 32inch adjustable selfie stick allows you to adjust angle 270-degree for a perfect shot.

Price: $11.99
Buy TaoTronics Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

8) Karnotech Selfie Stick

One of the best selfie sticks, Karnotech selfie stick is lightweight and easily fitted into the pocket. This portable selfie stick could extend to 27.5-inches and is 270 degree adjustable. It comes with an ergonomic and non-slip handle design. As the folded size is only 5.2-inches, you can carry it anytime and anywhere. It can also act as a lazy holder and a phone stand to watch videos.

Price: $7.99
Buy Karnotech Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Sticks

9) Noot Built-in Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

Noot built-in remote shutter selfie stick allows you to take steadier and sharper photos and videos by avoiding shakes and vibration. This extendable handheld selfie stick works with most smartphones and the monopod can be extended to 90cm with adjustable phone holder clamp and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angle shooting.

Price: $7.99
Buy Noot Built-in Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

best selfie sticks

10) Spigen Selfie Stick

Last but not the least, here comes Spigen wired selfie stick in our assortment of best selfie sticks. It is an extendable handheld selfie stick and has an adjustable holder for any angle. You need not to worry about battery life and thus, avoid the hassle of charging it. You just need to connect your phone to the jack and are good to go for taking pictures instantly.

Price: $9.99
Buy Spigen Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Sticks

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Do we miss out your favorite selfie sticks? Let us know about them in the comments.

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