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Top 10 Portable Power Banks

portable power banks

Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives and we all have the same problem with our smartphones: low battery life. One solution may be to buy two phones or a replacement battery so that you can keep interchanging batteries. But, these solutions are practically not feasible. One of the best ways is to consider a power bank. These portable power banks allow you to store it in a zippered pocket in your backpack or in your pocket to get a power source whenever you need.

Top Portable Power Banks

1. Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Bank

Introcircuit power bank tops our compilation of top portable power banks. This portable device identifies a particular device by itself and ensures maximum charging efficiency. With a huge capacity of 15000mAh, it charges an iPhone almost seven times. The blue LCD screen displays power level, charging and discharging status as well.

Cost: $36.99
Buy Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Bank

portable power banks

2. Anker Astro Pro2 Universal 20000mAh

This portable power bank has won great reviews from the customers for its impressive functionality. Its reliable lithium polymer battery ensures quality with more than 500 recharges over its lifetime. With its 20000mAh of capacity, it provides one full charge to most laptops or approximately nine cycles to most smartphones.

Cost: $99.99
Buy Anker Astro Pro2 Universal 20000mAh

portable power banks

3. KMASHI 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank

This 10000mAh power bank allows you to power up in style with its 4 status LEDs keep you informed of the remaining capacity. It allows for super-fast charge output through dual USB ports and offer simultaneous charging of iPad, iPhone, Android and more at the high speed. This massive capacity power bank comes in a compact package and is perfect for flights, trip and more.

Cost: $13.99
Buy KMASHI 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank

portable power banks

4. Jackery Bar Power Bank

One of the most popular portable power banks, Jackery Bar is a perfect portable travel charger. This combination of battery charger and power bank adds 2-3 full charges to your iPhone. The external battery travel charger is compact enough to fit into your bag and provide instant power to smartphones and tablets.

Cost: $19.99
Buy Jackery Bar Power Bank

portable power banks

5. Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank

This ASUS ZenPower power bank comes with 10050mAh battery and is a good choice for fully charging any smartphone. It offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with 2.4A output. It comes with exclusive ASUS PowerSafe Technology to monitor temperature, control both input and output voltages. It provides you with maximum safety while charging.
Cost: $32.99
Buy Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank

portable power banks

6. Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

Xiaomi Power bank is a must-have in our compilation of top portable power banks. It automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. It is compatible with smartphones as well as tablets. It comes with world-class chipset protection with nine layers of circuit protection. The premium Li-ion battery cells are encased in a sleek aluminum casing.

Cost: $46.99
Buy Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

portable power banks

7. AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank – 10,000 mAh

This is a portable power bank with battery pack of 10,000mAh battery capacity. It is powered using a lithium-ion polymer battery for reduced weight and increased safety. The dual USB ports allow you to charge multiple smartphones, tablets and other portable devices at the same time. It is backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.

Cost: $24.99
Buy AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank

portable power banks

8. RAVPower Portable Power Bank

Here comes a power bank with a stylish and lightweight design that fits easily to your bag or pocket. It is portable yet powerful with 3200mAh of juice. This device comes equipped with iSmart technology to let you charge your smartphone faster than standard USB. It is built with premium grade A+ battery cells that are certified for over 500 recharge cycles.

Cost: $12.59
Buy RAVPower Portable Power Bank

portable power banks

9. EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh Power Bank

EasyAcc Classic comes with a compact design and features an easy to hold in your hand so that you can put anywhere you want. This uniquely designed power bank lets you stand out from the crowd. It is more than just a power bank and comes with 10000mAh rechargeable battery capacity. It gives your phone enough juice to keep it running.
Cost: $13.99
Buy EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh Power Bank

portable power banks

10. Aibocn Power Bank

Aibocn is an exquisite and portable power bank. It features unique anti-fingerprint design. It comes with intelligent safety protection feature and supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage and short circuit protection. It is safe to use and comes with high capacity of 10000mAh. The double USB port of power bank allows for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android and more.
Cost: $11.99
Buy Aibocn Power Bank

portable power banks

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Have more suggestions for portable power banks? Let us know about them in the comments.

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