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How to Change Word Document to JPEG Format?

When you want to publish the Word documents on a site, there is a need to convert word document to JPEG. You do not require any plugins to upload JPEG to the website as they are compatible with all browsers. Also, you can use the document as desktop wallpaper. It is easy to change word document to JPEG and there are several ways to do it. Some of the popular methods to get JPEG for your document are:

Method 1: Using Snipping Tool

This is one of the easiest ways to convert word document to JPEG file.

1)   Open the word document
2)   Go to Start> Programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

word document to JPEG

3)   Now, choose the type of snip you want to create such as Free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip or full-screen snip. Choose Rectangular Snip.

word document to JPEG

4)   The next step is to select the area of the word document which you want to convert to JPEG. When you want to get entire document as JPEG, make sure that you zoom in to get the desired area under selection.

word document to JPEG

5)   Now, save the file in the format you desire such as JPEG, PNG or GIF file.

word document to JPEG

That’s it! You have successfully converted Word document to JPEG.

Method 2: Using Paint

1)   Open the word document that you want to convert to JPEG.
2)   Press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. This will copy the viewable contents of the document.
3)   Open Paint. It is located on Start> Programs> Accessories.
4)   Now, press Ctrl + V and the picture of the word document will be pasted.
5)   You can crop out the parts of the document that you do not want. For cropping, use the Select Tool and select the area you want to crop out.
6)   Choose Save from the File menu and choose JPEG from the drop-down menu.

word document to JPEG

Method 3: Using online services

Yes, you can also use online websites that provide conversion services. is one of the popular sites. is another good choice. You can also search on Google and take out renowned sites that let you convert your Word document to JPEG.

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Have you ever felt the need of changing your document to JPEG format? How do you do the same? Do you use any of the methods above? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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