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How to Set Up My Family for Windows Phone

If your family uses Windows Phones, then you can set up My Family to keep an eye over the games and apps your kids are downloading. My Family for Windows Phone allows you to manage app and game downloads for your child’s Windows Phone. My Family service allows parents to monitor which apps are downloading by their kids.


When you set up a “family,” it includes your child’s Microsoft account and one or more parent accounts. Here, you can choose the type of app downloads you would like to allow to your child such as free, paid, both or none. To set up My Family, you need to sign in with an email address and password from a Microsoft account and that person will be the family’s primary parent. You cannot change family’s primary parent.

My Family

The next step is to sign in with the Microsoft account of your child. This feature will allow your child to download apps and games from the Windows Phone Store.

Here are the easy to follow steps to set up My Family:

  1. Go to My Family on the Windows Phone wesite.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account
  3. On the My Family setup page, click Get Started and add a child to My Family.
  4. Enter the child’s Microsoft account that he uses to sign in to his phone. The details include their email address and also password.
  5. When you are done with adding your child’s account, you will be able to see the relationship.
  6. To allow child to download Xbox games, go to and accept Terms of Use using the child’s account.
  7. Your child will now be able to download games and apps that are appropriate for their age range.

Change download settings

You can change the download settings for your child’s account as and you want.

  • On the My Family home page of your account, click Change Settings. If you want to allow your child to purchase apps and games, select allow free and paid.
  • To prevent child from downloading any app, select Don’t allow.
  • You can also select the setting to Allow free only. This will also prevent your child from making in-app purchases.
  • There’s also an option of Game rating filter to set the most mature game rating you want the child to browse or download. If you want to allow him to download unrated games, tick the checkbox of Allow unrated gamtrong>.

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