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5 Best JavaScript Testing Tools

Nowadays, JavaScript is a popular term and is a programming language that is being used by developers and designers to build a code or design by using JavaScript language. It is designed by a person named: Brendan Eich. “JavaScript” is a client-side scripting language for HTML, for the Web, laptops, computers, servers, tablets, smart phones, etc. JavaScript has the ability to make changes in HTML contents.


Benefits of using JavaScript:

  • Can create new HTML elements
  • Can change HTML elements
  • Can delete HTML elements
  • Can make web pages responsive
  • Can create cookies
  • Can validate data

As JavaScript plays an important role in developing a software product or application, it is crucial to test it for its applied functionality on the application. There are many different types of JavaScript testing tools that you can run to verify JavaScript code. Your choice of tools depend on what your script is intended to do and what type of site visitors do you have.

Here are the best JavaScript testing tools:

1) Jasmine

javascript testing tools
Jasmine is an open source tool and a testing framework for JavaScript. The framework supported is behavior-driven development. It has ability to work without Document Object Model. Jasmine can prove to best for a new JavaScript Validation Tester for its simple and easy framework.
Version: Jasmine 2.0
License: MIT License
Platform Supported: Cross-platform
Download Jasmine

2) Karma

javascript testing tools
Karma also forms a part of our list of top JavaScript testing tools. It is known for its easy JavaScript testing functionality. Karma supports multiple JavaScript test frameworks. This tool is best when you want to test code on multiple browsers.
Version: Karma 0.12
License: MIT License
Platform Supported: Windows, OS X, Linux
Download Karma

3) JSLint

javascript testing tools
JSLint is an online web-based tool for checking JavaScript errors. This tool smartly scans and provides error message for the captured error location in the code. Its impressive features include: checking of missing semicolons, curly braces, check for statements and regular expressions, etc.
Developed by: Douglas Crockford
License: JSLint License
Platform Supported: Cross-platform
Source Code
Download JSLint

4) Buster.JS

javascript testing tools
Although there are many JavaScript testing tools available in market, but Buster.JS is a reliable one. This great tool is treated as a browser JavaScript testing toolkit which performs browser testing with browser automation. This tool carries its own assertion library and can run on multiple clients at the same time. Its amazing features let you support multiple JavaScript test frameworks.
Version: Buster.JS 0.7
License: MIT License
Platform Supported: Windows, OS X, Linux
Download Buster.JS

5) Selenium

javascript testing tools
Selenium is an automation tool which can be used to check for JavaScript errors. This is a tool by HP that can automatically run and record your result. This is all-in-one tool can be used for multiple purposes for automation testing, functional testing, regression testing, etc. It provides you nice and attractive framework and environment. It can also automate browsers.
Version: Selenium JavaScript (Node) 2.43.4
License: Apache License 2.0
Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh
Download Selenium


We hope that you like our list of top JavaScript Testing tools that are useful for testing for scripts. If you use some other noteworthy testing tools, let us know about them in the comments.

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