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AE Xtreme Moto Game for Windows Phone Review

AE Xtreme Moto is the latest addiction to the racing games available for Windows Phone. The game includes both basic and complex tracks that test your racing skills. You will require maximum efforts to come first to the finish.


This challenging game is full of difficult levels. You can choose from several bikes available that offer different performance characteristics, type of suspension, weight and more. The game features intuitive and smooth controls that allow you to demonstrate your racing skills.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Challenging levels
  • The game requires you to perform a series of breathtaking moves and overcome all obstacles, thus satisfying your need for challenges. If you are one of those games who like adventure and challenges, AE Xtreme Moto is just the right choice.

  • Excellent Game Controls
  • You can press left/right or just tilt your device to control the rotation of the bike. The game controls work amazingly and you are sure to love its addictive gameplay.

  • Game difficulty adjusted
  • If you find this game too difficult to get through, you can choose to save your position. You can do so before taking the challenge and can load this position as soon as you failed for any number of times.

  • Superior 3D graphics
  • The game features amazingly beautiful graphics along with astonishing scenes such as Factory, City, Street and more are to be added. This is one of the best speed and adventure games available for Windows Phone 8 users.

AE Xtreme Moto
AE Xtreme Moto


  • Responsive controls


  • High difficulty
  • Non-balanced physics
  • In-app purchases

Some Useful Insights about AE Xtreme Moto:

  • Cost: Free
  • Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Publisher: AE Mobile
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8 and up
  • Download Size: 25 MB
  • Download AE Xtreme Moto

Wrapping Up

AE Xtreme Moto is one of the challenging racing games available on the Windows Phone platform. The game also provides the opportunity to save game progress before passing the danger zone. This option is beneficial for those gamers who do not like to start the level again. All-in-all, AE Xtreme Moto is an excellent racing game available for free but it comes with in-app purchases.

Do you play AE Xtreme Moto or will you download it? Let us know your thoughts about this racing game in the comments below.

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