6 Open Source Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications

Automated testing tools help to save time and increase revenue by minimizing chances of errors in a software application. As in today’s mobile era, software applications are running everywhere on every platform and testing tools are essential. Open source automation testing tools help organizations to increase productivity while reducing errors and costs.


Let’s check below our list of 6 Open Source Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications:

1) Robotium

open source automation testing tools
Robotium is the most famous and extremely used automation testing tool for Android applications. While working with Robotium framework, one can easily write tests script using Java language. It is a free and open source tool which supports Android native and hybrid applications smoothly. Robotium represents simple API, quicker test cases execution environment, integration with Maven and ANT, etc. Robotium offers you to write best and effective functional, system and user acceptance test cases for Android applications. It is one of the best open source automation testing tools available today.
Platform Supported: Android
Code License with: Apache License 2.0
Current Version: Robotium 5.2.1
Download Robotium

2) MonkeyTalk

open source automation testing tools
MonkeyTalk is one of most popular open source automation testing tools available for the mobile applications build in Android and iOS. Its main task is to automate real and functional tests for iOS and Android apps. It creates smoke test very easily and smoothly in seconds. It can also capture and record your test script by providing the same commands for both Android and iOS apps. MonkeyTalk tool is also available for Pro version with subscription-licensed product from CloudMonkeyMobile. It provides a nice cross platform recording/playback option, integrated environment, rich API support for Java or JavaScript, etc.
Platform Supported: Android and iOS
Download MonkeyTalk

3) Frank

open source automation testing tools
When listing out useful open source automation testing tools, we cannot ignore Frank. Frank is mainly designed for iOS applications and helps you to write structured text test/acceptance tests/requirements (using Cucumber) and further make them execute against your iOS application. Frank provides you a great feature named as “Symbiote” which is an app inspector used for gaining detailed information of the current state of your app while inspect. This tool comes with its own predefined scripts which will make easier for scripting your own test.
Platform Supported: iOS
Download Frank

4) Calabash

open source automation testing tools
Calabash is a must-have in our list of open source automation testing tools available to perform exactly the same as Frank tool does. Calabash is supported by a company named as Xamarin. Xamarin does all developing and backing work for the Calabash automation tool. With the test cloud server of Xamarin, one can test your app on numbers of mobiles devices. Calabash provides you to take advantage of APIs and Libraries support which allows you to test your iOS and Android mobile application without any hassles.
Platform Supported: Android and iOS
Download Calabash for iOS
Download Calabash for Android

5) Appium

open source automation testing tools
Appium is a cross platform automation tool for creating and running tests for Android and iOS applications. It supports the same API’s for the both platforms. This tool basically automates native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. While using Appium, you are able to write your tests in multiple languages you prefer- Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, etc. Here, you can also write your tests using WebDriver library.
Platform Supported: Android and iOS
Source Code: https://github.com/appium/appium
Download Appium

6) Selendroid

open source automation testing tools
Selendroid is used to test UI of Android native and hybrid applications. It can be used on emulators and real device in addition to testing already built applications. It can interact with multiple Android devices at the same time and with different OS support- Mac, Linux and Windows.
Platform Supported: Android
Current Version: Selendroid 0.11.0
Source Code: https://github.com/selendroid/selendroid
Download Selendroid

Wrapping up

Businesses today need open source automation testing tools to save on their costs. They want to ensure that software bugs do not eat up their investments. Our suggested testing tools help organizations to get advantage of cost-effective testing solutions that do not compromise on quality. We hope that our list comes useful in making key business decisions.

Do you use some other open source automation testing tools? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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