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Windows Reading List App Review

Windows Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 is an amazing app that lets you bookmark links, easily track and manage all your content in a beautiful display. It offers you a convenient and excellent way to read important content in a fine-looking layout. This interesting app provides the ability to pick up links on the go and filter and sort articles for reading later.

With Reading List, you can keep track of all the content you encounter across different apps that you want to save or to read at a later date. The apps works like the favorites lists and contains all the content you want to find at the touch of your finger. The functioning of Reading List goes beyond being just the Favorites list. It also organizes the content in chronological order and then displays it in a beautiful layout. The content is displayed as tiles along with the images. The things become easier to be found later.

Using this app is very simple. When you found a useful piece of content and want to add to your list, just move the cursor to the right edge of the screen and choose Share. Go to Reading List and there, you will see a preview of content. Also, you can also tap the drop-down menu to Categorize. You can choose categories from existing one or can create a new one by clicking Add.

After you add content to the Reading List, you can access it from the Start Screen. The content is displayed there in chronological order and it will randomly pick one of the items from the list to place it on the left side of screen as spotlighted content. Reading List shows the most recently added items first and you can also filter your list by category so that you view items within a certain category at one time.

reading listreading list


  • Beautiful layout
  • Pin favorite reading categories to home screen
  • Amazing sync features


  • No offline reading

Some Useful Insights about Reading List:

  • Cost: Free
  • Size: 2MB
  • Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8.1
  • Download link

What are your views?

What do you thinks about Reading List app for Windows 8.1? Will you use it? Share your views about this topic in the comments below.

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