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App of the Week – Facebook Lifestage Aimed for School Teens


Meet Lifestage by Facebook

Facebook has recently launched a new app called Lifestage especially for high schoolers. The app was created by a 19-year-old Facebook employee Michael Sayman. The app has been designed for teens to find and connect with other school teens. The app lets teens interact with friends without interference with the family members. Here is a detailed review of this app for iOS.


About This Free App

Here’s what the app description says, “Everything you post in Lifestage is always public and viewable by everyone, inside and outside your school. There is no way to limit the audience of your videos. We can’t confirm that people who claim to go to a certain school actually go to that school. All videos you upload to your profile are fully public content.”


Easy Registration

The app is only for teenagers which implies that users with age more than 22 years can create account but don’t do anything else in the app. To register, one needs a valid email address and mobile phone number. The school or college members are only shown when the school is unlocked implying that over 20 members have registered from the same school.


Create Profile

This app lets you create your profile using pictures and videos. You just need to upload pictures and videos based around likes, dislikes and feelings. The app will then turn them into video profiles. When 20 or more teens from one school sign up, then that school is “unlocked.” This unlocked school implies that you can discover all video profiles created by others of the school. There is one restriction that once a member has registered with one school, he or she cannot change their school again. The app description notes that there’s no way for them to verify that a person who claims to go to a certain school does actually go there.


A Standalone App

It is a standalone app for people under 21 and asks users for their happy face, likes, dislikes, best friend, best book and lots more. So, instead of filling the biography quiz with texts, the users shoot videos which the app turns into a video profile. Though the app has no messaging functionality but one can display contact details from other apps like Instagram and Snapchat.


Some useful insights about Lifestage:
Cost: Free
Ratings: 3 out of 5 stars
Publisher: Facebook
Requires iOS: 8.0 or later
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Download it

Lifestage app is clearly an attempt by Facebook to become more video-centric. The app is currently available on Apple devices in the US.

What are your thoughts about Lifestage app by Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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