All You Want To Know About Database Testing

Have you heard about the term ‘database testing’? What is it and why is it important? If you don’t have answers to these questions, do not worry. In this post, you will get answers to all questions about database testing in a simplified manner.

Database is the backbone of any application. If database is not maintained properly, then all data gets washed away and it will not be retrieved easily without lots of effort which is time consuming process involving a large chunk of money as well. To prevent all this to happen in your application, always prefer database testing from the starting phase.

In today’s digital world, you can never feel relaxed that everything is going well with your application and there’s no threat of someone entering into our respective work. Thus, you need to test the date integrity, query retrieving, updating, modifications etc.

database testing

What is Database?
In simple words, Database is a collection of data or input. It is used to store any sort of data for any type of application.

What is Database Testing?
Database Testing is performing testing of database from the back-end. Database testing can be done by both manually as well by using an automated tool. This can be achieved by using and executing some simple SQL queries.

For database testing we have to use 2 SQL statements like:

1) Data Definition Language (DDL)

  • Here we simply create database and tables.

For example:

(i) Create database world

database testing

Your database has been created by above command:

database testing

(ii) Create table country

Create table country (id int not null auto_increment, name varchar (30), capital varchar (40), primary key (id))

database testing

database testing

2) Data Manipulation Language (DML)

  • Here we execute some actions like: delete, insert, update etc.

What to Test in a Database?
Database testing involves monitoring the functionality which is taking place for your application or device. Check which types of actions are being performed and make a note of them for testing of database. Database related functionality actions could be like:

a) Addition of data from front-end
b) Deletion of data both from front-end and back-end
c) Saving actions which can be in any form such as form submission, image saving, etc.

These are the three main areas that need to be focused while performing database testing. If we attain these three aspects, then it gets easier to get free from database bug errors which may cause serious damage to your applications.

How to Test Database?
Database testing is a time consuming process that requires the services of an expert tester. Database can be tested as:

  • Firstly, check your database and database related tables being used.
  • Secondly, we can create a demo database testing environment which is technically known or called as “Sandbox”. Sandbox provides you an environment where you can create and run SQL queries to demonstrate the feedback reply.
  • Thirdly, a Tester can also take help from the development team to get some used SQL queries.


The term Database can be related to any kind of industry and monitoring and performing its testing is difficult and time consuming process. So, a tester should perform smart database testing to avoid any kind of bug occurrence in the application due to human errors or mistake. Database testing needs to be done accurately to prevent future causes.

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