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Apportals for Windows 8.1

With the purpose to improve app management on Windows 8, Microsoft launches Apportals. It is a new technology meant to simplify the way apps are grouped, located and distributed. It organizes and reveals data and apps needed for a specific role. In simple words, this app makes virtually everything you need in a single view.

Apportals is a portal-creation technology for setting up specialized desktop views. You can get a conglomeration of links, Windows Store Apps, Windows desktop apps and embedded web apps in a single customized view. It is an app that acts as a central hub for all line-of-business (LOB) applications, organized into an easy to use user interface.

“Customers get excited when they see Windows Apportals, they say it’s the future”, said Martin Wolfram, President, Inviso. “As a Microsoft partner, we are very customer focused. This new innovation has given us the opportunity to work with our customers to understand a broader set of their business needs, and then customize and deliver end-to-end services that meet those needs. The design and architecture lend themselves to easy re-use of code, which makes Windows Apportals an incredibly profitable line of business for us. Customers see a lot of value in Apportals, so for us, Windows Apportals are game changer.”

What are the advantages that come with Apportals?

  • Easy app management
    With Apportals, the app management streamlines and thus, keeping your IT staff productive. Users get easy acess to LOB apps and consumer apps. it supports any application that is compatible to function in Windows platform along with Desktop 7 applications as well as Modern Windows 8 applications.
  • Increased flexibility and ease of work
    As customers use different apps from different vendors, it allow them to integrate all the apps under a single roof. This results in increased flexibility and ease of work.
  • Adaptive to any mobile environment
    It works virtually everywhere and developers can reach more people in less time with this useful app.
  • Filter data effortlessly
    User access to the apps is controlled through Active Directory. This allows organizations to filter the data access based on factors like user’s role, geographical location, etc.
  • Amazing customization options
    Apportals can be customized to suit the needs of the industry, business role; making it easy for users to find the apps they need to perform their tasks. Users can also customize portals for other use cases like education.
  • Wrapping Up

    With Apportals, easily manage your data, apps and that too without investing much time and effort. However, Microsoft document didn’t list the software or licensing requirements for using this app. Costs were also not described. Those details may get disclosed in the coming week. Stay tuned!

    What do you think about Apportals? Share your views in the comments section below.

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