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MagiCam App Review

MagiCam, an app from the makers of Camera +, is a useful app for those who want to take photos quickly while having the option of adding filters. MagiCam is focused on snapping pictures and transforming them into eye-catching shots with little efforts. For those who are fond of taking a lot of selfies and have been on the lookout for a no-frills photography app, MagiCam is just the perfect choice. It is easy and simple to use.

The simplified app interface is an attractive feature of this app. The app automatically launches into a camera view and you can quickly capture the moment. Also, you need not to go into a separate screen to view your recent photos as they appear in a scrollable “ribbon” underneath the camera view. The feature that really stands out this app is that it is fast- very fast. It captures the moment quickly.

Moods are another great feature of this app. The moods can be applied in real-time or you can choose to apply them later. There’s a mood filter for every situation and you can also remove the mood later. You can also view photos in MagiCam by tapping on the one you want from the thumbnail ribbon. Share the photos effortlessly on major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and lots more.

Special Features:

Get One-Tap Perfection:
With MagiCam, you get the 1-tap perfection for every picture. Don’t worry perfection does not mean you need to learn any complex photography needs. The app does the perfection for you to offer amazing results.

Eye-Catchy Shots:
The app, as the name suggests, works with a magic and transforms your shots into gorgeous, eye-catching shots.

Variety of Moods:
There are 9 different moods which can be applied in real-time, or on an image after it’s been taken. You just tap on the moods button and select the one you like.

Brighter and Stronger Clarity Images:
The images taken with MagiCam are indeed richer in color, brighter and have a better overall clarity.

Share Your Memories

You can share your shots on any of your favorite networks including Facebook, Messages, Email, Twitter, and more.



  • Simplicity
  • Photos look great
  • Fast-lightning speed
  • Simple user interface
  • Seamless experience


  • No instructions of how to use the app
  • Drains battery quickly

Some Useful Insights about MagiCam

  • Publisher: Tap tap tap LLC
  • Released on: June 18, 2014
  • Cost: $0.99
  • Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Download for iOS
  • The Bottom Line

    All in all, MagiCam is a nice fun photo app that offers you a new experience with iPhone photography. It is a great app when you want to take a picture from the moment you capture it at a lightning speed.

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