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Fluid SE Racing Game Review

Fluid SE is a fast paced, time trial racer that has been released recently by Radiangames. The simple goal is to collect a handful of glowing orbs from around its stylish dark arenas but the twist is the time pressure. It is for those persons who want to repeat a challenge again and again, while trying to save fractions of a second. Each of the 40 levels is a race against the clock with most lasting under 30 seconds.

The game has a user-friendly interface with the controls guiding you around the levels. Every level has five star ratings and that can be achieved through collecting every orb within a time limit. The levels are not that difficult and you just collect the dots in each arena while avoiding the specters that form. Time is not the only challenge of Fluid SE. The game may point out that more stars are needed to progress than you’ve collected in the first five levels. Thus, the game is also about relentless improvement through repetition. You are expected to play levels again and again, but the good point is that all well under a minute. Even if you play ten times a level, it might take just five minutes.

Fluid SE has nicely balanced the difficulty and repetitive of levels with simply rewarding enjoyment. The smooth controls allow for precise movement to take the challenge head on.

Fluid SE

Fluid SE


  • Fast-paced arcade action
  • Precise game
  • Challenging and fun level
  • Well execution
  • Nice presentation
  • Tight responsive controls


  • Level set-up is a bit restrictive
  • Frustrating hard
  • Difficult unlocks limit progression

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