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LYNE Puzzle Game Review

LYNE is a puzzle game where you draw paths of like shapes anchored at different spots on a grid via a single, unbroken line. There are multiple shapes that need to be connected such as triangle to triangle, square to square and more without their distinctly-colored lines crossing each other. The developers have expanded the game upon this basic rule in a number of ways to enhance the challenge, depth and ingenuity of simple puzzle foundation. As you progress through the game, more and more shapes are unlocked.

The beautiful feature of this game is its minimalist and simple nature. It’s immediately easy to understand and LYNE never wants to confuse you. You are given a safe, easy space to get the hand of new concepts.

Every level presents a grid of triangles, diamonds and squares of various pastel colors. The experience of playing LYNE is transcendentally calming. The deceptive simplicity of the game is the appealing factor. The final complication of LYNE comes in form of junctions, which require a certain number of connections to other shapes to be completed. With hundreds of puzzles, along with daily challenges, LYNE offers a brilliant game of puzzling fun.

“The whole thing is a gentle puzzle game that’s thoroughly enjoyable, which is rare because the majority of puzzle games frustrate the hell out of me.” –

“From the get go, LYNE exudes a very zen feel. The ambiance is calming, the layout simple and clean. … if you’re in it for the challenge to your brain, dim the lights, find a quiet place, and get to solving.” –



  • Great design
  • Intuitive controls
  • New levels each day
  • Challenging problems
  • Great visual and audio styles
  • Simple yet calming game play


  • Not exactly brimming with originality
  • The concept never changes
  • No cloud sync

Some Useful Insights about LYNE:

The Bottom Line

LYNE is a superb puzzle game with its polished, charming and smart designs. It truly shines in terms of visual appeal and display. It is a highly recommended if you like simple puzzle games with a nice interface. All in all, LYNE is a well-designed and smooth-looking game that clearly justifies its price. This achingly elegant and cleverly designed puzzle game is a good way to keep you entertained for hours.

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