Nokia 6, Moto E4, Alcatel Idol 5S Join Amazon Prime Exclusives

Amazon Prime Exclusives Amazon has added five new Prime Exclusive smartphones to its lineup including the very popular Nokia 6. These smartphones are an amazing way to save a few bucks on their purchase. As the Prime exclusive units include advertisements on your lockscreen and thus, are not preferred by everyone. And if you can

Nokia 9 Tipped To Come with Iris Scanner, Snapdragon 835 SoC

Nokia 9 Leaks and Rumors Nokia 9 smartphone is set to come with all the features that one expects in a smartphone. The company is planning to announce some phones to take on the flagship department in Q2 2017. Here are the details we know so far about this upcoming smartphone. Specifications On the specifications

Nokia Z2 Plus : Rumored Specs, Features and More

Nokia Z2 Plus Nokia-branded Android smartphones are soon to hit market in 2017 and the rumors are on the high note. The latest leak is regarding the core specs for the Nokia Z2 Plus. The previous rumors do talk about Nokia D1C, Nokia C1, Nokia P and now the Z2 Plus is entirely new. It

Nokia D1C Is an Android-Powered 13.8-Inch Tablet, Specs Leaked

Meet Nokia D1C There has been great hype among the Nokia lovers who are eagerly waiting for the android smartphone. According to the recent reports, Nokia D1C is a tablet with 13.8-inch display and will be running Android 7.0 Nougat. So, the anticipated device is a tablet and not a smartphone. 13.8-inch Screen According to

Meet Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality Camera That Costs $60,000

About Nokia Ozo Many camera systems have been introduced to produce virtual reality by bringing together a number of individual cameras. Filmmakers need to work with virtual reality headsets to get that 360-degree view. Nokia aims to address the lack of virtual content out there by offering Ozo Camera. The professional virtual reality camera can

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 Review

With Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, you will enjoy a whole new way to charge your phone wirelessly. This sleek and minimalistic designed charging plate from Nokia makes charging flawless and easy. It exceeds expectations in terms of its design, features as well as charging speed. Simply drop your phone and charging will start. There’s a