Scanner App – A Quick and Beautiful Scanner, Our App of the Week

Scanner App: The Best iOS Scanner If you are looking for an easy to use scan app for iOS platform, take a look at Scanner App. This newest member in the iOS family lets you scan multiple pages efficiently. It lets you scan and store documents to save them, print them or even share them

Apple Rolls out Updates for macOS, tvOS, watchOS and iOS

macOS 10.12.3 macOS 10.12.3 update improves automatic GPU switching on the latest MacBook Pro models. It also resolves some issues with Adobe Premiere Pro. The update includes a patch of total of 11 CVE-listed vulnerabilities such as use-after-free vulnerability in macOS Bluetooth components, three flaws in PHP and many more. Apple has resolved the problem

Apple iOS 10: All the New Features

Meet Apple iOS 10 Apple’s latest upgrade to iOS is fully packed with amazing features to give your iPhone or iPad a refreshed and newer look. The official date release of iOS 10 is September 13. iOS 10 is anticipated as the most significant iOS revamp as the company has overhauled its mobile design with

Google Motion Stills Creates GIFs from Live Photos

Meet Motion Stills GIF images are increasingly being used while chatting on instant messaging apps and sharing on social media. That’s why Motion Stills has come up with a simple way to create personalized GIF images for users. The app is available only for iOS users and allows users to turn their Live Photos into

Google Now Helps You Find Your Lost iPhone

Google has added the ability to locate your Android device last year by typing ‘Find my phone’ into the Search. Now, you can also find your misplaced iPhones. Yes, you read it right! Google has launched the new feature to find your lost iPhone in the celebration of My Account’s first birthday. Find your Lost

Google Photos for iOS Adds Live Photos Support

Here’s Google Photos for iOS Google Photos for iOS has been updated with useful and interesting features including Live Photos support, Split View multi-tasking features and more. Here are the complete details about the updated app for iOS users. Live Photos Support With updated Google Photos for iOS, it brings to enhance the user’s experience

New Features Coming with Apple iOS 9.3

iOS 9 has brought new features to Apple devices both in the initial released and subsequent updates. It is now working on Apple iOS 9.3, the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS and has been seeded to the developers. Let’s have a look at key features of this update. Apple iOS 9.3 1) Night Shift

Top 7 Apple Watch Games

An amazing feature of Apple Watch is an excellent range of Apple Watch games and apps available to the users. There are already thousands of apps that have Apple Watch extension but not all of them are worth downloading. Playing games on Apple Watch offers a different gaming experience. You are sure to enjoy playing

7 Tasty iOS Apps for Foodies

Whether you prefer to dine out regularly or occasionally, these are the must-have apps for foodies. For some, food may be a mere sustenance but for foodies, food is their life. They are passionate about food. They don’t just eat good food, they appreciate the care and craft behind it. iOS apps for foodies allow

Asus VivoWatch Review

Asus is not a novice player in the wearable industry and has already a winner with Zenwatch. The company has launched Asus VivoWatch to offer more fitness-centric features to the users. The most significant feature of this smartwatch is the battery life along with its beautiful LCD display.Unlike Apple Watch, the VivoWatch has no blank