App of the Week: Microsoft Hub Keyboard

Though there’s no dearth of keyboard apps for Android users, but any new entrance to the market tries to give it a new angle. Microsoft has released a new keyboard app for Android users called as Hub Keyboard. It makes it easy to multi-task from one mobile screen. About Hub Keyboard Steve Won, a senior

App of the Week – Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner app by KeepSolid Inc. has been designed to make your business and professional life more planned and organized. It has been selected as our app of the week and you can also check out our last week’s top app called Ztype. Roadmap Planner helps you achieve your goals and lead towards new great

App of the Week – ZType

Meet ZType Typing exercises are not that fun and so they had to invent some interesting typing games. Ztype is such an example. It is a free, fun typing game that helps efficiently you can type on your cell phone. It works wonderfully on mobile devices and combines typing with fun. We have also covered

App of the Week – Groopic

Meet Groopic App While taking group pictures, we often face the problem that the photographer is left out of the shot. Groopic app has been designed to solve this age-old problem. It lets you include everyone in the picture and you can also make some funny shots as well. During special times where friends and

App of the Week – Letterspace

Today, we are talking about a useful note-taking app called as Letterspace which makes use of hashtags. Though there are many note-taking apps but what makes Letterspace stands out from the crowd is that it is packed with a beautiful design, features a unique swipe bar and uses hashtags. An Introduction to Letterspace These days,

App of the Week – Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a colorful and bright colorful game that takes you to a wonderful world and is much fun to play over again and again. This game involves switching between multiple characters to solve puzzles. Let’s check out the complete details. About Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake The game involves a

App of the Week – Colorburn

Meet Colorburn Colorburn is a free iOS app that lets you apply beautiful and brilliant filters to your pictures and completely transform their look. This camera app comes with 1000 filters which is the most amount of filters in the App Store. Colorburn is the camera app that literally throws a thousand filters at your

App of The Week – Har•mo•ny 3

About Har•mo•ny 3 BorderLeap is the well-known app developer and has earned recognition for offering beautiful and colorful puzzlers. Today, we are talking about Har•mo•ny 3 as our app of the week. After the grand success of Har•mo•ny and Har•mo•ny 2, this app was launched by the developer. Though there is no dearth of puzzle

App of the Week – Ball Jump by Ketchapp

Ketchapp is always known for providing fun and addictive games. It is one of those game developers that consistently work to offer new and exciting games. The common features about their games are that they have easy learning curve and one can play quickly. Ketchapp has earned the trust of users by providing fun to

App of the Week – ClickMe – Reminder in a Click

Forget to call back someone that you need to? Forget to reply to an important email from your boss? Need to capture something important quickly? With ClickMe, you will never forget something to complete the task. It creates a variety of reminders with just one or two clicks. About ClickMe ClickMe is an impressive productivity