App of the Week – Documents 5

Meet Documents 5 Documents 5 app for iOS comes with an intuitive interface and powerful download management features. It is one of the best solutions for managing your files on the go. It is a perfect document viewer and media player that comes with support for several cloud services as well. Quick Document Viewer Download

App of the Week – ImgPlay

Meet ImgPlay ImgPlay is an efficient iOS app that allows you to make and share GIFs quickly. It can be used to make GIFs using pictures, live photos as well as videos. It is the best and easiest GIF maker available for iPhone or iPad. Let’s have a close look at its features: Make GIFs

App of the Week – Launchify

Meet Launchify Android users find launchers very convenient and make lives easier. Though there are many launcher apps available but today, we are talking about an efficient launcher app called Launchify – Quick App Shortcuts. The app works as quick app shortcuts to your favorite apps. Let’s have a close look at its features: Easy

App of the Week – Fiverr

About Fiverr Fiverr is a business service platform where people can post listings for services as cheap as $5. Here, individuals join their vast community of millions of users. This marketplace lets users buy services called gigs for as little as $5. The gigs range from designing a logo for your business to writing a

App of the Week – Everalbum

Though there are many photo apps for iOS and Android devices but new apps continue to impress users with their distinctive and impressive features. IceCream is one such app that helps you to take pictures without worrying about the storage space in your iPhone. Today, we are talking about Everalbum app for iOS and Android

App of the Week: Microsoft Hub Keyboard

Though there’s no dearth of keyboard apps for Android users, but any new entrance to the market tries to give it a new angle. Microsoft has released a new keyboard app for Android users called as Hub Keyboard. It makes it easy to multi-task from one mobile screen. About Hub Keyboard Steve Won, a senior

App of the Week – Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner app by KeepSolid Inc. has been designed to make your business and professional life more planned and organized. It has been selected as our app of the week and you can also check out our last week’s top app called Ztype. Roadmap Planner helps you achieve your goals and lead towards new great

App of the Week – ZType

Meet ZType Typing exercises are not that fun and so they had to invent some interesting typing games. Ztype is such an example. It is a free, fun typing game that helps efficiently you can type on your cell phone. It works wonderfully on mobile devices and combines typing with fun. We have also covered

App of the Week – Groopic

Meet Groopic App While taking group pictures, we often face the problem that the photographer is left out of the shot. Groopic app has been designed to solve this age-old problem. It lets you include everyone in the picture and you can also make some funny shots as well. During special times where friends and

App of the Week – Letterspace

Today, we are talking about a useful note-taking app called as Letterspace which makes use of hashtags. Though there are many note-taking apps but what makes Letterspace stands out from the crowd is that it is packed with a beautiful design, features a unique swipe bar and uses hashtags. An Introduction to Letterspace These days,