How to Recover Corrupted Word Document?

MS Word users often come across a variety of errors while working on their documents. There can be n number of reasons that cause doc file corruptions like large file size, template corruption, macro errors, hardware failure and more. It is important to repair your word files to get your important information recovered successfully. Today,

How To Reduce File Sizes In Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is widely used for business and personal purposes. But, when they include a lot of images, these can be difficult to send via email. These files become large and take up a lot of memory. Sending large documents slow down your computer and email systems have limitation on size of attachments as well.

How to Overline Characters in Microsoft Word

Many of you may not be aware that Microsoft Word allows you to overline characters. Yes, you heard it right. One can overline characters in Microsoft Word but at the same time, it takes lot of time when need to overline large documents. Make sure that you’re not adding any extra spaces or characters while

How to Disable Automatic Numbering In Word?

MS Word comes with a handy option of automatic numbering and bulleting. Though this feature is useful and saves time, but most of the time, it guesses wrong. This feature can be annoying when you are making the document look exactly the way you want to. Fortunately, this feature can be turned off. Disable Auto

How to Find Location of a Picture?

Today, more and more cameras come with GPS built-in feature. Camera records a bunch of data for every picture you capture. Some of these details include recording the aperture, ISO speed, camera mode and more. All this information is stored in EXIF data and tells almost everything about the picture. EXIF data also tells information

How to Read ePub Files?

ePub is a standard format for eBooks and is used for publishing electronic books and magazines. It is flexible with font size and text layout and suits many display dimensions of mobile devices. To open ePub formatted files in your browser, you need an ebook reader application like iPads or e-readers have. As the increasing

How to Improve Your Typing Speed?

Every computer user finds ways to improve the typing speed. When it comes to improving typing skills, one may think of typing classes and computer skills courses. An easy way to improve your typing speed is offered by online websites. These websites offer free to use, interactive games that can dramatically enhance your typing skills.

How to Extract Zip Files On iPhone?

When large documents are sent as email attachments, they are often compressed into ZIP files. This helps to reduce the size of email as there are attachment file size limits. Though compressing is a good way to send heavy documents, but devices like iPhone or iPad cannot open ZIP files. A great way to open

How to Manage Data Usage with Data Sense in Windows Phone 8?

These days, mobile data isn’t unlimited anymore for a vast majority of consumers. We have shared useful ways to limit your data usage and now, it’s the time to pay attention towards using data sense in Windows Phone 8. It helps you to track data usage so that when you’re close to the data limit,

How to Make Presentations without PowerPoint?

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular way to create presentations, one can also make them without using it. If you don’t want to use PowerPoint for any reason, you can try something new and different. The following tools help you to express your ideas more creatively and get your presentation made in an interesting