Yo Messaging App Is Now Available For Windows Phone

Yo is a new messaging app popular for iOS and android users and now Yo has officially been released for Windows Phone. For those Windows Phone users who missed the Yo frenzy for past few daysm can now make use of this messaging up. It is quite different from other messaging apps such as Viber,

5 Best Quit-Smoking Apps for Windows Phone

Cigarette smoking is an addictive and bad habit. It can be costly to both your health as well as your wallet. Here are some of the best quit-smoking apps for Windows Phone that help you get rid of smoking and they act as a source of encouragement to your journey of living a smoke-free life.

8 Best Social Networking Apps for Your Windows Phone

When it comes to social networking and media apps, there are thousands of apps available for iPhone and Android. What about social networking apps for windows phones? As the Windows Phone Market is developing, there are an increasing number of apps available for Windows Phones as well. If you are also a Windows Mobile user

Cleartrip Finally Updates for Windows Phone

Cleartrip has officially been updated for Windows Phone users. Cleartrip.com, a popular travel website in India, makes your travel simple by offering you the easiest place to search and book your travel. The useful app lets you search and book for flights anywhere in the world. With Cleartrip, you can get detailed flight list along

Active Fitness App Review

While there are many health and fitness apps for iPhone and android, today we are going to review a very useful windows phone app called Active Fitness. Active Fitness app is the most advanced tracking apps available for Windows Phones. It is your personal trainer and fitness organizer that lets you track every activity perfectly.

MoliPlayer Pro App For Windows Phone Review

MoliPlayer Pro app is a popular all-format media player that comes with tons of features. It easily identifies the videos on your phone and lists them. When you don’t want the hassle and time to do “trans-coding”, this app comes handy. It lets you play almost all video and audio formats. You can access the

Lumia Battery Saver & Booster App Review

Do you need to charge your Windows Phone every day? Have you ever found wishing that your phone’s battery would last longer? Chances are high that you’re wondering how to get more battery life for your device. Let us introduce you to one of the top battery saving apps, Lumia Battery Saver & Booster. Lumia

One Love App Review

One Love app for Windows Phone is an extremely useful app to share content across various social networks in one go. It removes the ability to natively share a status update to multiple networks one by one. One Love app is an all-in-one social sharing app that has been out for quite some time. It

Windows Reading List App Review

Windows Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 is an amazing app that lets you bookmark links, easily track and manage all your content in a beautiful display. It offers you a convenient and excellent way to read important content in a fine-looking layout. This interesting app provides the ability to pick up links on the

Best Windows Phone Apps for Music Lovers

The Windows Phone Store is home to a large number of apps and the number is increasing with new passing day. Windows Phones have a lot of great apps for discerning music makers as well as music lovers. If you are looking for music players for your Windows Phone, here’s a list of some of