Pebble Steel Smartwatch Review

Pebble Steel is the premium model of Pebble smartwatch and comes with a few tweaks. It now features the new material, app tricks and more advanced features. Pebble is functional, fashionable and at the same time is affordable. It’s a stylish smartwatch and is waterproof and shower-and-swim friendly. The display is readable even in bright

Garmin Vivosmart Wearable Review

Fitness bands have been around for a long time and are catching attention of fitness freaks. Garmin Vivosmart looks to differentiate itself from Apple Watch by being a fitness tracker with smartphone features, instead of a smartwatch that tracks your activity. Vivosmart is a fitness gadget that works as a great activity trackers. It also

Meet Microsoft Band, the Fitness Tracker That Also Works with Android and iOS

Microsoft has this time come up with the game changer: Microsoft Band. The Band works with more than just Windows-based mobiles and syncs with iPhone and Android Phone as well. Microsoft made a dramatic entrance into the wearable market with the Band. As the Microsoft Band syncs with your phone, you will also get notifications

Apple Announces Apple Watch Available For $349 Early Next Year

Apple Watch is certainly one of the most-anticipated products in the recent years. It is the first foray into the world of wearable tech. This smartwatch comes with inductive charging, sapphire glass, heartbeat sensor and a digital crown. Featuring revolutionary new technologies and a pioneering user interface, the watch has a beautiful design. It is