Challenging Puzzle Flow Free: Hexes is our Game of the Week

Meet Flow Free: Hexes Flow Free: Hexes is a new puzzle game that has recently been available for Android and iOS users. This match puzzle game is all about colors connecting hexagonal match where you need to join up every color and cover the whole panel. You will find yourself getting immersed in the gameplay

Cute and Exciting Duck Roll is Our Game of the Week

Meet Duck Roll Duck Roll, as the name suggests, is about rolling a duck around. The developer behind this game is Mamau who is popular for its puzzle game 99 Problems. In this game, players will be controlling a duck in the shape of a cube. You need to swipe to move the duck around

Addictive Multiplayer Puzzle – Cell Connect – Game of the Week

Meet Cell Connect Cell Connect has recently made its entry to the Google Play Store and iTunes. This puzzle game is from renowned developer BoomBit Inc. which is known for making the most fun and addictive games. BoomBit Inc. has launched a good number of games on the platform and Cell Connect is the latest

Dreii Multi-Platform Puzzle Game Review

Meet Dreii Dreii is a multi-platform physics puzzler which is gaining attention among the users for being a perfect blend of beauty and simplicity. The game is one of the new and exciting games available for game lovers. The game is developed by Swiss Design Studio “Etter Studio”. Dreii is a sequel to the highly

App of The Week – Har•mo•ny 3

About Har•mo•ny 3 BorderLeap is the well-known app developer and has earned recognition for offering beautiful and colorful puzzlers. Today, we are talking about Har•mo•ny 3 as our app of the week. After the grand success of Har•mo•ny and Har•mo•ny 2, this app was launched by the developer. Though there is no dearth of puzzle

Doodle Kingdom™ Game for Windows Phone Review

Joybits is a leading developer of interactive entertainment and has developed various award winning games such as Doodle God, Doodle Devil, and the recent Doodle Kingdom. Doodle Kingdom for Windows Phone invites you to create your own realm on your Windows Phone device. [leaderad] This puzzle game challenges you to mix elements with the purpose

Cut and Hack Game Review

Cut and Hack is an interesting game that includes slicing and hacking various geometry shapes. The game is an abstract hacking simulator with a powerful storyline of being a hacker. In this game, you pose as a hacker and needs to get into a system and the only way to do is to draw along

Best 6 Puzzle Games for Windows Phone

Puzzle games are fun and entertaining. They are sure to keep you occupied and amused for days to come. We have compiled a list of the best puzzle games that are addictive, confusing, simple and fun to play. Download these games today and enjoy playful time. Top Puzzle Games for Windows Phone 1)   Flow free