Facebook M: An AI-Based Assistant Launches in US

Facebook M, A Digital Assistant Facebook has launched its digital assistant called M for US users of its Messenger application. The effort has been made with the purpose of revamping efforts in the field of artificial intelligence. The company is launching M to the masses. Originally, it was conceived as a bot that users would

How to Use Live Location Feature in Facebook Messenger?

Just like WhatsApp, users can now share their current location with friends and family via Facebook Messenger. The live sharing feature is available for iOS and Android. It makes it simple for you to choose to share your location with your friends and family members. Let’s check out the details about this new live location

Facebook Introduces Messenger Day, another Snapchat Clone

Facebook Messenger Day In the latest attempt to attract the youth audience, Facebook is rolling out Messenger Day, new Snapchat clone. With this feature, you can share parts of your day with your Messenger friends and anything you share vanishes after 24 hours. According to Facebook, Messenger Day begins showing up within the app starting

Facebook Messenger Adds Airline Features

New Features in Messenger Facebook has always come up with new and exciting features to the Messenger. It does much more than just messaging. Now, Facebook has taken another big step towards making it an “Everything App”. With the partnership of Facebook Messenger and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, one can get their info right within

Send Money to Facebook Friends through Messenger

Facebook has introduced a new feature in its Messenger app that will soon allow you to spend money to your friends. Now, you don’t need to open another app like PayPal to send money to your friends. Facebook is adding a new feature that lets you send money over Messenger. To use this feature, you