Chrome for Android Now Lets You Save Content for Offline Viewing

Chrome for Android: New Features Google has announced that it is rolling out an update to Chrome for Android. The new update allows users to download videos, music and even entire web pages to view offline. Chrome 55 for Android adds a Downloads feature to save sites for offline viewing in addition to improvements for

Chrome Now Allows Spellcheck Multiple Languages At Once

Google Chrome is adding a new feature that will allow users to spellcheck multiple languages. Developer François Beaufort revealed that you can spellcheck in multiple languages in the same document. This useful feature of spell-checking has been included in the latest version of the Dev channel of Chrome browser. Here are the steps to follow

Vivaldi Browser Review and First Impressions

With Microsoft announcing its newest browser, Project Spartan, Vivaldi is another new entry to the list of browsers. Vivaldi is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (beta) and is in the early days. Beta implies that some of the key features are yet to be implemented. This new project is started by former CEO and

6 Amazing Chrome Extensions to Stay Productive

Do you end up spending more time browsing or watching YouTube? Do you spend more time on Facebook than work and later wished you had not spent as much time? Do you want to keep a track over your browsing habits? Do you want to improve your productivity? Here comes the role of chrome extensions

How to Limit Data Usage While Tethering?

When you need to tether your laptop to your phone for internet connection, one major issue faced is the big dropouts in the data plan. You will obviously love to reduce the tethering data used for the purpose. The idea of connecting your phone with laptop works great when your broadband connection does not work

How to Manage Multiple Profiles on Google Chrome?

When you are using Google Chrome and want to sign in and run multiple profiles, you can do the same easily by following these steps. This allows you to quickly alternate between different Google accounts and manage your profile and data. Google Chrome offers you the feature to create multiple profiles and sync your history,