Apple Releases iOS 10.2 with new TV App and New Emojis

iOS 10.2 Version Features Apple has released iOS 10.2 Version which includes an all-new TV app, various new and enhanced features, HomeKit notifications, new emojis and more. You can get the recent update by going to Settings>General>Software Update or through iTunes. The update is available as a free-over-the-air update for all iOS 10 users. New

Apple TV Remote App for iPhone finally Arrives on the App Store

Meet Apple TV Remote Apple has come up with the Apple TV companion iPhone remote app. The new Apple TV Remote app allows you to use the same touch-based control as on the hardware remote. Also, one can talk to Siri and comes helpful in case you lost the physical controller. With this app, you

7 Best Streaming Devices Of 2015

Intro to Streaming Devices Streaming devices are an inexpensive way to catch up on hours upon hours of TV and movies. Holidays are approaching and if you are considering a streaming player, this is list to checkout. Today, we have a wide variety of internet media streaming gadgets that make streaming your favorite movies and

Lenovo Cast vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV

Apple TV and Chromecast have been in the media streaming industry for a while and now Lenovo has recently launched its own device called as Lenovo Cast. All these three do similar things but still have many differences in functionalities and features. In this blog post, we have come up with the differences between these

All About Google Chromecast

In simple terms, Google Chromecast is an easy way to stream internet video to your television. It’s a little dongle that ends in an HDMI port and you can plug it into your TV. It lets you stream YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and several other sources, from your devices to your TV screen. At $35,

Lenovo Cast Debuts at $49 as Chromecast Competitor

Lenovo has taken the opportunity at Tech World 2015 to demonstrate a new streaming device called as Lenovo Cast. Like Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV, it connects to your TV over HDMI and connects and connects to your Wi-Fi network to send content from phone to the larger screen. It looks considerably different from the