Philips Brings Connected Health Devices to the Market

connected health devices

Philips Connected Health Devices

Philips is popular for its line of programmable lightbulbs and is now building connected devices in the Healthcare industry. It launched four different healthcare devices: a smart body analysis scale, an ear thermometer, a blood pressure monitor and a health watch. They are designed to work with Philips HealthSuite app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. All these devices are aimed at those who want to take a step towards healthier habits. Let’s check out the features of these Philips Connected Health Devices:

“Philips is not in the world of fitness, that’s not our mission, and as a healthcare company, we don’t think that’s where we can add value. We’re in the connected health space, and target consumer who are at risk of chronic disease,” said Eline de Graaf, Director for Philips Personal Health Solutions.

connected health devices

Health Watch

Philips Health Watch is one of the products included in connected health devices. It is priced at $249.99 and comes equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer and round monochrome display. The smartwatch features an always-on display and is capable of continuously measuring heart rate and various other health metrics such as calories burned, steps and more. The Health Watch is water-resistant. Rated at 1ATM, it is splash and rain-proof. The watch is powered by a lithium-ion battery to offer up to four days of battery life. It also features fast charge that charges 70% in about 30 minutes.

It is designed as a medical device with accuracy of its measurements and algorithms are validated clinically. It has been designed for health-conscious customers looking for medically proficient devices rather than a fancy-looking smartwatch filled with apps.

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connected health devices

Philips Body Analysis Scale

This scale is also a part of connected health devices. It is priced at $119.99 and is capable of calculating body mass index, body fat and measures weight. The built-in backlit LCD display offers weight results. The device runs on four AAA batteries.

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connected health devices

Philips Ear Thermometer

Priced at $59.99, Philips Ear Thermometer quickly measures the body temperature in about two seconds. It has a built-in monochrome display and uses a simple one-touch button.

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connected health devices

Philips Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood pressure monitor costs $119.99 and $89.99 for the upper arm and wrist, respectively.

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connected health devices

Unlike Armour healthbox, these connected health devices can be purchased separately.

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