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LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Students App to Help Find Jobs

LinkedIn Students

LinkedIn is the leading social network for working professionals. Now, it is aiming at a younger segment of audience with release of a new app called LinkedIn Students that helps college folks figure out their career paths. The app is targeted towards helping students get ready for their careers.

About LinkedIn Students

According to the app’s description, “Introducing LinkedIn Students, the new app to discover and launch your career. LinkedIn Students will help you explore career paths and tackle your job search with confidence. And that’s just the beginning.”

Using the app

You can start using the LinkedIn Students app by either authenticating the existing LinkedIn account or by entering details like name, university, major and when you will major. You will then get tailored jobs-related recommendations. It highlights the companies and job titles that might be suitable for you depending on the school you attend and the program you are majoring in.

linkedin students

Simple User Interface

The app allows students to enter their school, major and expected graduation date. This will then connects them with alumni and resources that help them with their job search needs. It provides you useful information like what kind of work people who had your major are doing now, jobs to apply to and more. You can also build your network as the app lists alumni that work at each recommended company.

Easy Swipe

Also, LinkedIn Students app displays the information in a card-like format where you swipe to go through different options. It involves a five-step process where you swipe from screen to screen. The first card shows the suggested roles you are interested in. Just tap on it and get additional details about the professional, including salary range, growth rate, jobs available and more. The app also lists out companies that are hiring for the role, the skills needed and similar roles that might interest you. Two cards suggest recommended companies and suggested alumnus to reach out. Then, there is a card that suggests jobs that you might be interested in doing.


LinkedIn Students app is available for free download at Apple Store and Google Play Store. It is currently available only for US residents.

Do you like LinkedIn Students app? Are you going to download it? Share your views with us in the comments.

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