Sonos Play: 5 Smart Speaker Review

Sonos Play: 5

Meet powerfully smart speaker called Sonos Play: 5 that offers excellent sound quality. It is one of the best-sounding wireless speaker systems. it delivers crisp and natural sound and the bass production is also outstanding.


Sonos Play: 5 comes with a beautiful design. It is simple and sophisticated with clear lines in its curved oblong design. The device features curves around the edges and top and is a more refined model than its predecessor. The design has been engineered to make listening simpler and more immersive. You are surely going to love its gracefully restrained design and its intuitive audio powerhouse.

Sonos Play: 5

Touch Controls

Sonos Play: 5 comes with capacitive touch controls for changing volume and for playing or pausing music. It features six smartly synchronized drivers to deliver the purest and most vibrant sound. This powerful smart speaker delivers a brilliantly exact reproduction of the music. It is sure to transform your home listening experience as long as you love music.

Sonos Play: 5

Detailed Sound Quality

Sonos speakers come with built-in sensors to make the listening experience pure and precise. You can choose to play different songs in living room, bedroom, bathroom or the same track in every room. With Sonos, you will enjoy a richer listening experience. You will hear all your favorite tracks whether old or new, in more dynamic and vivid ways.

Sonos Play: 5

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The setup is very simple. The process begins by downloading the Sonos app and the entire setup is done via app only. You will then go through Sonos TruePlay Process where the speaker gets used to set alarms, create playlists, queue songs and more. The company has more simplified the setup process by including Wi-Fi support. You just need to connect Sonos Play: 5 to power and connect to your home WiFi networking using the app. Now, add more Sonos wireless speakers and enjoy music.

Sonos Play: 5

Nice app

Sonos has largely been successful in delivering simplicity in terms of both design and usage. The free Sonos app is a comprehensive one and gathers all your favorite music as well as streaming services together in one service. You can search by artist, track, stations, podcasts and more and the app will search through all the compatible services.

Sonos Play: 5


  • Good design
  • Impressive dynamic range
  • Intuitive touch controls


  • Hi-resolution audio is not supported

Wrapping Up

It is one of those speakers that perfectly blend exceptional sound quality and intuitive touch controls. It comes with a terrific sound quality. You can get them today from at the best prices.

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