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Google Photos Update Helps Free Up Space on Your Phone

google photos update

One of the main concerns of every Android user is running out of storage space on a mobile. The latest Google Photos update has solved this problem as it frees up storage space on smartphones running Android software.

About Google Photos Update

The update for Google Photos app is divided in two sections. Google Photos for Android comes up with the “Free Up Space” feature under Settings. When you enable this feature, you will be able to bulk-delete media files that have already been backed up on Google Photos.

Google Engineer Job Elstone said, “To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, we’re asking users to double-confirm their intent during the ‘Free Up Space’ flow.” On activating the feature, Google Photos will remove copies of photos and videos already backed up on cloud. Also, you can keep a close eye when phone’s storage space runs low and then proceed to remove backed up copies of media.

Google Photos on Android

Another significant update is introducing a simple way to downgrade all original quality pictures to compressed high quality photos. Google Photo update also notifies you when your phone is running low on space.

The updated Google Photos app fixes a bug that prevented users from deleting pictures stored on microSD card. This update removes the frustration of seeing pictures still in the gallery despite having deleted them.

google photos update

Assistant Card

To highlight this feature, Google Photos is also introducing a new “Assistant” Card. Assistant includes automated features like turning photo sets into animated GIF like images etc. The card would appear only when users are close to their storage limit. The feature is only enabled for those who back up photos in original or high quality.

Google Photos on web

Google Photos on Web is also receiving an update and is aimed at giving users better control of how they are using the storage space on cloud service. High-quality photos don’t count against the Google storage space. When you need the full-resolution images back, you will be able to click a new Recover Storage option and the photos will be available as in their originals state.

Google Photos update on Android and web is rolling out, but iOS users have to wait for the same “Free Up Space” option.

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