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How to Use TV as A Computer Monitor?

TV displays can easily be used as computer monitors. When you want to watch your favorite YouTube videos or surf the web on a bigger screen, using TV as a computer monitor is a good choice. It’s also comes handy when you don’t have an external monitor. Whatever may be the reason, turning your TV to a monitor is a straight-forward process.

There’re different methods for connecting TV to the computer. Here are the popular and easy ones:

1) Using HDMI

This is the easiest way to connect a computer to a TV. Modern televisions come with an HDMI cable hookup and all you need to do is just to connect an HDMI cable from back of your computer to the back of the television. That’s it!

TV as a computer monitor

The images as well as sounds will travel automatically. Mostly, the devices automatically sync up and if the communication does not take place, you will need to make sure that the television can handle this high resolution. HDMI-to-HDMI is the simplest way to use TV as a computer monitor and works for most customers.

2) Using RGB-PC

RGB-PC input can be found on older computers. They are rarely found these days. This option works only when both the computer as well as the television set has an RGB-PC input. It will work, but the quality will not be up to the mark. The text can blur, making it hard to read. The quality of performance is low, and this is not a recommended option.

3) Using DVI

DVI is a better alternative than RGB-PC. The older computers will DVI hookup will be connected to TV. When the screen is connected to the computer, the programming is same as it is with HDMI-to-HDMI setup. The biggest flaw of this method is that it does not transmit sound efficiently. You will be required to hook up extra audio cables to be able to get quality sound.

TV as a computer monitor

2) Using Wireless Screencast

Wireless screencast option is becoming very popular these days with the options of devices like Apple TV, Chromecast by google, Miracast which is adopted by Microsoft.

HDMI is by far one of the best methods to enjoy browsing on a big screen. It does not require any special hardware or skills. You just need to make sure that you rightly place your TV so that it doesn’t cause strain to the eyes. Also, you need to take into consideration how far you want to sit from screen so that you can find a mouse and keyboard capable of handling that distance.

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