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Cache Cleaner Pro App for Windows Phone

Cache Cleaner Pro is a useful app to clean up your Windows Phone and increase its speed. It offers you a convenient and hassle-free way of cleaning up garbage such as browser history, search history and app cache. It cleans up the phone and provides you free space which you can use to store other tasks and applications.

Let’s have a look at noteworthy features of Cache Cleaner Pro

  • Frees up your storage space
    One of the most significant features of Cache Cleaner Pro app is that it frees up gigabytes of storage space. It provides you with more storage as well as better speed of your Windows Phone.
  • Clean your device automatically
    The app is highly simple to use. You just need to schedule the cleanup and it will automatically clean your device as per your scheduled time.
  • Speeds up your phone
    Cache Cleaner Pro scans your phone and finds junk files that clog up your hard drive. It cleans out all the junk and helps your phone to run fast again. It is one of the great advantages that come with this app.
  • Perfect accuracy
    The app has been created after analyzing the junk-creating behavior of millions of apps so that it efficiently hone in on the target areas.
  • Simple to use
    This application is just a tap app icon and it will instantly clear cache. It will eliminate unwanted RAM cache memory data, old browser history, and call and text message logs to make more storage space available for the data.

Cache Cleaner ProCache Cleaner Pro


  • Works fabulously
  • Excellent app
  • Cleans phone efficiently
  • Fast and accurate

Some Useful Insights about Cache Cleaner Pro:

  • Cost: Free
  • Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Publisher: Renew App Tools
  • Download Size: 2 MB
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8 and up
  • Download Cache Cleaner Pro

All-in-all, Cache Cleaner pro is a simple and accurate cleaner designed to help you boost memory, enhance speed and reclaim storage. It also protects your Windows Phone against malicious apps and vulnerabilities. Moreover, the app is available for free.
So, what have you been waiting for? Grab it today and let us know how you feel about the app in the comments.

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