Sony Playstation VR Now Comes With Support for 360 Degree Videos

Play 360-Degree Videos on Sony PlayStation VR The 360-degree videos on YouTube have been around for a while now but the good news is that you can now enjoy it on your Sony PlayStation VR. The 360-degree videos are those which can be explored in 360-degree view. This feature is really useful on mobile devices

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Pro : Pre-order at $399

Meet Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Sony is all set to release the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10. The PlayStation 4 is one of the most powerful game consoles available in the market today and Sony is eager to offer an enhanced version of PlayStation 4 that will offer a bit more processing

Sony PlayStation VR Headset Launching in October at $399

About PlayStation VR At the Game Developers Conference, Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR headset will launch in October at the retail price of USD $399. This virtual reality headset is one of the most affordable of the non-mobile virtual reality headsets yet. Andrew House, head of Sony’s gaming division, made the announcement during