Backup and Sync Lets You Backup Your Entire Computer to Drive

Backup and Sync Tool by Google Google launches its new Backup and Sync from Google tool to help users easily back up their entire files and photos in the computer. It is meant to replace the older Google Photos desktop app and Google Drive client apps for Mac and PC. The new app combines the

Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers of 2017

These days, cloud storage has become common. It allows one to keep the files safe and secure from potential security threats. If one does not have cloud storage service, it can result in severe loss of data and useful documents. Security is one of the essential factors that lead to the need for reliable cloud

CrashPlan – A Popular Online Backup Service Review

The need to back up your files is really important and if some natural calamity happens, your data as well as backups are gone. There comes the role of online backup services. Such services keep your data secure. CrashPlan is the best online backup service by Code42, an American Software Company. It can backup Windows,