Ringly Aries Smart Bracelet – An Activity Tracking Wearable

Ringly Aries – Beautiful Wearable Ringly is a leading smart jewelry maker and keeps on refreshing its portfolio with high-tech accessories. The company offers a smart jewelry device called Aries. It is a beautiful bracelet which comes with activity tracking capabilities. The smart rings by Ringly were among the first wearables that were specifically been

ZTE W01 Smartwatch Is Just Like A Personal Trainer

ZTE W01 Smartwatch Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, has introduced a simple smartwatch called ZTE W01 that comfortably stays on your wrist. It is a fully featured smartwatch offering you functionalities like heart rate monitoring, answering calls from the watch, listening to your favorite music tracks and lots more. An appealing part of this smartwatch is that

Chronos – A Little Disc That Makes Your Watch Smart

Smartwatches are in high demand and even the traditional watch makers are entering into this new trend of wearable devices such as Tag Heuer. Though such wearables come with smart features but are way apart from the design of a traditional watch. If you are one of those who love high-fashion watch, here is the