How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows

If you are struggling with a single drive and desire to have more drives option according to your desired amount of space in your system, then you need not to worry. Just follow these simple steps to partition a hard drive in windows. Following these 10 steps would not take much and the partitioned drive

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows

Many times, it happens that you delete a file accidently from your system. You need not to worry or require to a new one. You can easily recover deleted files from windows, pen drives, hard disks etc. Today, we cover important ways that let you recover your much required files that you deleted accidently from

How to Hide Files or Folders in Windows

There can be many times when you want to hide a folder from your Windows PC. Hiding files ensures that others do not have access to some of your data. The method to hide files or folders in Windows is an easy one and is a great way to keep folders away from parents or