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How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows

recover deleted files from windows

Many times, it happens that you delete a file accidently from your system. You need not to worry or require to a new one. You can easily recover deleted files from windows, pen drives, hard disks etc. Today, we cover important ways that let you recover your much required files that you deleted accidently from the system.


1) Restoring from Recycle Bin

If your files are not given permanently deleted (i.e. shift + delete) command, then there is a handy to recover it. Click on Recycle Bin shortcut on desktop or click Start Menu -> Search Bar, type recycle bin in search field and choose option to view recycle bin.

recover deleted files from windows

When recycle bin is opened, select the file that is required to be restored by right clicking on it and clicking on restore option. Your files will be directly saved at the existing source location from where it was located before deletion.

recover deleted files from windows

This is one of the most common ways to recover deleted files from Windows. But, what to do when you have deleted file from Recycle bin as well and want to recover it? Look at our suggested 2nd option.

2) Restoring using Software

When you have deleted files from Recycle Bin or delete files permanently by using Shift + Delete and want to recover those files, you can download software. It will help you recover files from Windows that are deleted from Recycle Bin as well. There are several options for such software and iCare Data Recovery is one of them.

iCare Data Recovery helps you to recovery permanently deleted files from your drives or Recycle Bin. It is easily available online for the users.

Installation for iCare Data Recovery:

  • Search for iCare Data Recovery software through Google by simply typing in search field or visit their site for downloading their software.
  • After downloading it, double click on the setup and choose the directory or drive to install it
  • recover deleted files from windows


  • After successful installation of the software simply launch it to recover deleted files from Windows
  • recover deleted files from windows

  • Select your drive from where your data has been deleted and click on next button below
  • recover deleted files from windows

  • After this automatic scanning will be started and a screen will appear showing the types of data to be recover (Photo, Video, Music, Others). Select the file you want to retrieve among all the deleted data from the particular drive.
  • At last, click on Recovery button to get your deleted files save files in another drive when the screen appears to save it. Your data will be saved in the selected drive.
  • recover deleted files from windows


So, these were the easy ways to recover deleted files from Windows. If you have some other ways to suggest, please feel free to share your views with us!

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