6 Open Source Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications

Automated testing tools help to save time and increase revenue by minimizing chances of errors in a software application. As in today’s mobile era, software applications are running everywhere on every platform and testing tools are essential. Open source automation testing tools help organizations to increase productivity while reducing errors and costs. [leaderad] Let’s check

8 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

Cross Browser Testing involves testing a website on multiple browsers. It is considered as biggest pain of a software tester and is virtually impossible without correct resources. Thankfully, there are plenty of good cross browser testing tools that let you test the website and check if the website successfully displays across several browsers, platforms as

Top 6 Website Speed Testing Tools

Are you getting annoyed with slow speed of your site? Does it take too long to load? Are you looking for ways to improve your content size and webpage size? Do you want to actually test its speed and page load time? If yes, then you can easily enhance the performance of your site by

12 Useful Tips for Efficient Software Testing

To make any software reliable, software testing plays a vital role. It helps to reduce errors and bugs. It is the responsibility of a software tester to point out the errors and bugs in a software and deliver bug free software to the customers. [leaderad] Today, we are sharing important tips that help to make

Top 6 Performance Testing Tools

Performance Testing Tools help a developer to ensure that the website has a good performance. They are widely used to measure web application performance. The tools work to enhance the performance and quality of web and mobile applications. [leaderad] Below is the comprehensive list of performance testing tools that are easy to use and they

All You Want To Know About Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing without any specific plans. It focuses more on how the software actually works by which tester gets an insight about the software functionality. This approach to software assessment integrates learning about the program with conducting the testing processes. [leaderad] Exploratory Testing emphasizes on personal responsibility of the

How to Write a Good Bug Report

Bug Report writing is an essential and most important aspect of software testing field. Testing without any bug report is considered as an incomplete process. When a tester performs testing on any software application or any module, he gets many kinds of bugs or defects and it is important to prepare a bug report so

Top 5 Mocking Frameworks for .Net Developers

When you are planning to perform data driven unit test for any large scale application, it is very difficult to manage and speed up the task due to vast interaction of the application with its databases, services, etc. Unit testing for these kinds of large applications can be performed manually but it will be very

7 Essential Qualities of a QA Tester

Testers play a vital role in successfully completing projects in an IT company. They are the persons who are responsible for giving quality outcomes and releasing the projects with success. Testers are given the responsibility to release projects without defects and provide peace of mind to the end users. The role of a QA tester

Test Management Tools Comparison Part 5

When it comes to selection of tools for test management, the choices are wide. But, this is also true that every test management tool may not perfectly fits in your requirements. Every tool comes with its own unique features and characteristics. With the purpose to help you in making the right selection, a comparison between