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ASP.NET Interview Questions

Are you looking for real life interview questions? Here is a collection of ASP.NET interview questions based on my experience. This collection may not contain expert level questions but it will surely help the beginners and intermediate.

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1.)What is the lifespan for the information stored in a ViewState?

Answer: Exists for the life of the current page

2.) What section of a Web.Config is used to store a list of authorized users?

Answer: Authentication

3.) Which object contains the user name in an ASP.NET form page?

Answer: Page.User.Identity

4.) Which one is first triggered in an ASPX page cycle?

Answer: Init

5.)Literal control always encloses its text value with SPAN tags.

Answer: False

6.) Which one of the following statements is false?

  1. Array stores the values in an indexed format.
  2. Array is a primitive data structure.
  3. ArrayLists are sortable and searchable.
  4. Arrays can be changed in size at runtime without ReDim. (Correct Answer)

7.) ASP.NET still recognizes the global.asa file.

Answer: False. Instead, it uses a file named global.asax for the same functionality.

8.) What is the default Session Timeout?

Answer: 20 Minutes

9.) C# supports multiple inheritance.

Answer: False

10.) What is the top .NET class that everything is derived from?

Answer: System.Object

Download complete set of ASP.NET Interview Questions