How to get details of a file extension including icon

How to retrieve the descriptive name of a file extension and icon. If you have some sort of file ‘browse’ Window that you want to show the file name, and the ‘File Type’ field where it says something like ‘File Folder’, ‘WinZip File’ or ‘FLG File’ – here is some simple code that does that for you.

About .NET Framework Versions

There has been a lot of confusion around .NET Framework version numbers and it’s implications to applications as well as the development environment. This article will attempt to explain and clear any outstanding confusions.

How to write a simple SQL Server Data Access Layer – Part-2

This article gives walk through on how to use my Data Access Layer with your application for with insert stored procedures accepting multiple parameters.

How to write a simple SQL Server Data Access Layer – Part-1

his article gives walk through on how to create a simple Data Access Layer and how to use it in your application.

ASP Content Rotator

This article describes how to code a content rotator for your homepage. Each time a user requests the Web page, the content rotator object displays a new HTML content string based on the information provided by you.

Display Online Users

This articles shows how to display online/active users on your website using ASP.NET

Simple Web Form Post in ASP.NET

Here is one small sample code, which takes input from a text box inside a web form and displays the input on submitting the form.

How to make API calls in .NET

A sample process showing how can we make Windows API calls in .NET