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An Introduction to Canva for Work

canva for work

The graphic design startup Canva has been growing quickly and now, the company is taking a big step by offering premium subscription version of its do-it-yourself design platform. Canva for Work makes it easy for companies to create marketing materials, presentations and other media graphics. It aims to reduce the pain involved in making these graphics by providing an easy solution. Canva has released Canva for Work for companies to sign-up for a two-month free subscription to test out the amazing updates.

What is Canva for Work?

Canva for Work offers an easy and DIY option to create beautiful documents and designs. It has thousands of layouts that allow one to create their own custom templates. It is an online service dedicated to help organizations looking for professional designs of posters, presentations and social media graphics.

canva for work

Features of Canva for Work:

Magic Resize feature:

Canva for Work provides a way for companies to set up templates, logos, fonts and even colors. The Magic Resize feature allows one to successfully repurpose designs. For example, you can easily convert something original for print use to an image and that image can be shared across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Team Stream:

With Canva for Work, companies will be able to use its core feature set along with a host of special features. Team Stream comes with the ability to share design designs with others in the team.

Easy customization:

Another handy feature is that it allows one to create readymade templates for almost any type of file format. Team members can conveniently customize them. Your team can easily edit the photos with beautiful photo editing tools and preset filters offered by the startup.

Consistent branded content:

Designers can setup a variety of templates including presentations, posters, ads, letterheads, and more. Team members can easily customize them with their own text and graphics. Also, with all necessary brand colors, logos and fonts in one place, you can create consistent branded content.

Currently, Canva has over four million users and all these users are given the chance to trial Canva for Work for free for two month. The company has been testing it with several organizations like The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Yelp and others. The pricing of Canva for Work will be based on the number of team members who want access to the platform. It is $10 per month, per user. This affordable pricing by Canva makes it easy for small startups as well as bigger companies to take benefit of this DIY platform.

During the launch, the company said that it will launch an Experts Platform in the future to connect Canva users to professionals to assist on their projects.

To get started, you can register for Canva for Work by clicking here.

What are your views about this affordable DIY platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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