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Best 5 Online Broken Link Checker Tools

“Broken Links” or “Dead Links” are those hyperlinks that have become permanently unavailable. In simple words, a link that does not work anymore is called a broken link. This happens if any link is left empty, or linked page has been deleted or wrong URL is placed in the link. Due to this, a message appears on to the screen saying 404 Error.


To avoid this error, there are lots of free online broken link checker tools in the market, which one can use for his/her website and can increase its productivity. Most of the broken link checker tools are available for free, while there are paid tools as well. Anyone can use and test their websites for unwanted link breakage.

Here is our list of top 5 online Broken Link Checker Tools:

1) Broken Link Check

broken link checker tools
Broken Link Check is one of the most popular broken link checker tools available in the market today. It correctly and nicely checks your website and blog for broken links. Broken link check tool checks the hyperlinks of the websites which are not corresponding and are broken. This tool has the ability to scan unlimited web pages, internal and external URL’s connectivity, generate good error reports and is able to run on many operating systems such as- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX, and iOS. This useful tool is also available as a WordPress plugin.
Cost: Free
Download Broken Link Check WordPress Plugin

2) W3C Link Checker

broken link checker tools
W3C Link Checker is an extremely great tool for broken link checking. This tool shows the broken links of your websites along with further enhancement solutions for website performance as well. W3C validates your HTML, CSS style sheet. W3C generates nice reports plus shows performance chart of your websites. This is a free online broken link checker tool.
Cost: Free
Version: W3C-LinkChecker 4.81
Download W3C Link Checker

3) Submit Express
Submit Express is a must-have in our list of top broken link checker tools because this tool provides lot many options like: link popularity check, Meta tag generator, reciprocal link checker, etc. This online free tool only checks a particular URL of website at one time and not all other URLs present in the website. The main work is to check outgoing links connectivity of your web pages.
Cost: Free

4) LinkTiger
LinkTiger is a paid online tool for checking broken links. This smart tool checks all links within any PDF, flash-animation (SWF-file), CSS or MS Office document on your website. Some of its remarkable features include: friendly dashboard, print, export and email facility for your broken link reports, pie chart option, highlights all broken links on the page with orange color. This web tool comes with a free trial period.
Cost: Paid ($ 995 – $ 399 USD/Month)

5) Webmaster Toolkit Link Checker
Among all other broken link checker tools listed, this tool automatically checks for the page mentioned in the URL for broken links tests. You just need to simply type your website or web page in the URL field and need to click for check links button to view the result. This tool can only check for 60 links on a page in its first attempt. Webmaster Toolkit Link Checker will show you result message either as Success or Error. It has ability to check for HREFs and SRCs links type.
Cost: Free


Broken link checker tools are required to be used by every website owner to ensure that there are broken links on a website. These tools offer a convenient and reliable way to check broken links.

Which broken link checker tools do you use for your website? Are those tools mentioned in our list above or you use some different ones? If you have some other useful broken link checker tools to suggest, please share them in the comments below.

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