Top 7 Automation Testing Tools

automation testing tools

Automation testing tools help you get rid of repetitive manual tests and replace those with systematic programs. With many great automation testing tools available out there, I have listed the best seven test automation tools. This list helps you in selecting the best testing tool that ideally meets your requirements.

Top Automation Testing Tools:

1) QTP

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional (QTP), which is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP). QTP is one of the leading automation testing tools. It performs both Functional and Regression testing for the software applications. QTP uses Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) for automating the software applications. This tool does record/play and runs for the session of an application.

It provides four Frameworks for the users to work:
1) Data-Driven Framework,
2) Keyword-Driven Framework,
3) Modular Framework, and
4) Hybrid Framework.

QTP Editor:

automation testing tools

QTP Script Format Example:

automation testing tools

QTP Run Result Viewer:

automation testing tools

2) Selenium

Selenium is a free open source software testing framework for web applications. Selenium is written in Java language. It provides users’ many other famous programming languages including- Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby. This tool can be easily used on other operating platforms like – Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Selenium provides you an environment to write your own scripting language which is called as Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Selenium like QTP also allows you same recording, editing and debugging test options. This tool also provides you four extra components- Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium Web Driver, and Selenium Grid. Selenium can be a great tool for users as users can use it on all popular browsers like- Mozilla, IE 6, 7, 8, Google Chrome, and Opera 8, 9, 10. The ease of use and flexibility it offers to the users make Selenium among the top automation testing tools available today.

Selenium IDE Editor:

automation testing tools

Script Format in IDE:

automation testing tools

3) Watir

Watir means Web Application Testing in Ruby (Watir), which is a free open source tool for web applications. This tool uses Ruby programming to perform scripting for the test. Watir supports all Web apps and Web browsers on all different platforms. It is easy, simple and powerful tool to use. It provides great facilities for database connectivity, spreadsheet, export XML, etc.

Watir shares three nice frameworks with their users which include:
1. RSpec – Behaviour driven development,
2. Cucumber – Business readable behaviour driven development, and
3. Test/Unit – Basic unit testing framework.

Watir WebRecorder:

automation testing tools

Watir Script Format:

automation testing tools

4) Rational Functional Tester

Rational Functional Tester (RFT) is an automated tool from International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), which is used for functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing.
RFT tool is mainly used by the Software Quality Assurance Team members to perform automated testing by running test scripts written in either Java, or Visual Basic.net language.

Rational Functional Tester Editor and Script View:

automation testing tools

5) Katalon Studio

A must-have in our compilation, Katalon Studio is one of the popular automation testing tools. The tool is known for providing intelligent and complete test automation features. It offers two different ways to include automation tests. One is to record your test scripts and then edit using prebuilt keyboard. The other way is to use IDE to build advanced test scripts. This free automation testing tool allows you to run your tests on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android seamlessly.

automation testing tools

6) Test Complete

Test Complete is a must-have in our list of top automation testing tools. It is developed by Smart Bear Software which aims to create software quality test. This tool provides you an environment where users can record and manually edit their test scripts. The main feature of Test Complete tool is keyword testing which provides keyword operations that correspond to automated testing actions. It helps testers to build their own script manually in code editor. Test Complete supports scripting languages like – VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script, C#Script.

automation testing tools

7) Silk Test

Silk Test is an automated testing tool by Micro Focus which takes care of functional and regression testing of applications. Silk Test uses Visual 4Test scripting language and supports the following extensions: .NET, Java (Swing, SWT), DOM, IE, Firefox, and SAP Windows GUI. This tool is helpful in recording mouse movements and keyboard strokes. It also carries Test Plan (.pln), Test script (.t), Frame file (.inc), Result file (.res) file types.

automation testing tools


There are many other automation testing tools that deserve your time and attention. Let’s check them out.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio offers a complete test automation solution for GUI, Performance, Load and API testing. It provides a comprehensive automated testing suite where users can complete tasks quickly and easily with its point-and-click interface. It is very easy to install the testing framework. This testing solution offers you an easy to use automated web, WPF and load testing solution.

automation testing tools

Visual Studio Test Professional

Visual Studio Test Professional lets you coordinate all test management activities such as test planning, authoring, executing and tracking. The release management capabilities of the tool make it easy to automate deployment and testing of applications in multiple environments. This comprehensive testing solution works for all Microsoft platforms such as desktops, tablets, phones, servers, cloud etc.

automation testing tools


Here’s an open source web service testing application that offers automated functional testing. It is a widely accepted open-source API testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs. The tool comes with an easy-to-use graphical interface and several enterprise-class features. It allows you to rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression and load tests.

automation testing tools

Your Thoughts

I hope that the above list will be useful for you. Have you worked on other automation testing tools than the above ones? What has been your experience of using the tools? Share your views with us via comments.

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