FaceApp Uses Neural Networks to Alter Faces – Our App of the Week

FaceApp – Entertaining App Neural networks are revolutionizing the concept of computing and you can experience dramatic changes in the arena of image editing. A new company is using neural networks in a completely different way within an app called as FaceApp. It looks to change the content of picture while maintaining the realism. The

Prisma App Updated With Cool New Features and Improved Speed

Updates to Prisma App Prisma, the popular photo-editing app, has finally got an update and is bringing new features. Until now, the updates only involve bug fixes and improvements over stability. Now, major updates have been brought to the app. The latest update applies to both Android and iOS apps. Let’s check out the details

Create Prisma Like Videos with Artisto, Our App of the Week

Artisto Video Editing App In a couple of months, many new great apps have been launched and among those, Pokémon Go and Prisma are the most significant. Both apps took over the world and everyone started using them. Prisma becomes one of the most popular photo editing apps available today. It adds too much fun