Deal: Get Good Discounts on Anker Car and Wall Chargers

Discounts on Anker Wall Chargers When it comes to charging accessories, Anker is a reliable name. It has won the trust of millions of customers and offers good products. Anker is offering amazing discounts on its popular range of chargers including car and wall chargers. These include a 4-port USB car charger, 6-port desktop charger

10 Best Smartphone Car Mounts to Go Hands-Free

Smartphone car mounts offer a convenient and secure way to keep in reach of your smartphone. Driving with your phone in hand and using GPS often gets clumsy. Though you can try to place phone in many places but some vibration can get it out of reach. The best option is to use cell phone

10 Best USB Type-C Cables for Powerful Syncing and Charging

USB Type-C is the new standard connector for charging and data transfer on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Though not every device comes with this powerful port but a number of prominent devices are including it. With Type-C, you enjoy fast data transfer and amazing charging speeds. Here, we list out the best USB Type-C cables

Charger Deals: Save on Lumina 15000 mAh Charger, Jackery Bar Charger and more

The Best Charger Deals Here is the compilation of the best charger deals currently available on leading e-commerce platform: Amazon. These range from Lumina charger to AmazonBasics wall charger to Belkins Apple charger and more. They are available at amazing discounts and thus, let you save handsome amount of money. Let’s have a look at

10 Best Multi-port USB Wall Chargers

One of the issues faced by smartphone owners is the low battery. Smartphones especially with browsing and using apps reduce the battery life to less than a day. To keep them powered, there are many options such as power banks or car chargers. One can also use a wall charger to ensure that your smartphone

Top 7 Bluetooth Headsets

Top Bluetooth Headsets Among the various phone accessories available today, Bluetooth headsets are a prominent one. They allow one to make hands-free call while driving or otherwise. They are also capable of streaming music and pairing multiple phones and audio players at the same time. These headsets come with improved designs, stronger performance and better

10 Best Smartphone Car Chargers

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you wish to have better battery life. To extend the battery life, there can be solutions like power banks. Another good option is to keep a car charger in your personal car or work vehicle. These smartphone car chargers draw power from your car. Best Smartphone