Hexlock Android App Review

Security of an Android device is something one cannot afford to ignore. The operating system is vulnerable to threats and a simple swipe lock may not be enough to secure your data. Also, at times, traditional phone lock becomes inconvenient and irritating. As an Android smartphone owner, you should protect your device from any unauthorized

Online medicine app DeliMedi: Medicine at the doorstep

Worried about a prescribed medicine which is not available in your nearest Pharmacy? Checked online for the medicines and they have the delivery after a day or two? Here comes the latest app for the android phones which helps you to search for the prescribed medicines with the number of retail medical shops tied up

SnapShopr – the buzzing online shopping app for shoppers

In today’s world of online shopping, the importance of retention and conversion are the priority. Lost in the keywords, categories and so on, we tend to miss out the important stuff. Here, comes SnapShopr online shopping app – with its image recognition AI solves the problem of text based search. The basic idea behind SnapShopr

6 Best Price Comparison Mobile Apps

Smartphones are not only to help us stay connected and entertained on the go, they also save us money. With right apps, you can easily check the products you’re looking for at different platform to see if you’re getting the best prices. These 7 price comparison mobile apps help you make informed and better shopping

Things You Should Know Before Developing Mobile App

Before you start developing mobile app, you should have clear idea about purpose of the app, costs involved, how to make money from apps, how to increase your app downloads, and more. So, here we have covered some of the important aspects about which you need to have a clear understanding when you consider developing