Top 7 Photo Collage Makers for Android and iOS

Organizing and displaying photos together has its own charm. It gives you a broad visual view and context of the photos. There are many different apps for Android and iOS, which has different features to make the photo collages look attractive. We have compiled a list of the best photo collage makers; here are a

10 Best Note Taking Apps for Android and iOS of 2017

These days, smartphones are used for jotting down notes, checklists, reminders and more. Though android and iOS devices come with basic text editor but the popularity for note taking apps is on the rise. Such apps not only offer the convenience of jotting down but also remind us of useful things. We have sorted the

Picky, App of the Week, Selects Best Pictures and Auto-Enhances Them

Intelligent Photo Editor: Picky Polarr has released a new app on the iOS Store called Picky which is an intelligent photo editor and enhancer. The app is attracting attention owing to its unique feature of finding the most aesthetically appealing pictures and then automatically editing them. It makes pictures look at their very best. Picky

10 Powerful iOS Stress Relief Apps for Work Life Balance

In today’s fast-paced life; anxiety, stress and tensions are common but they can lead to unhappiness and other problems. The stress hormones can do harm to our long term healthy in both physical effects and mental impairments. Thankfully, there are a number of good apps on the iOS platform that help us to deal with

Best iOS Discount Calculator Apps To Download

Best iOS Discount Calculator Apps 1. Calculate Discount & Sales Tax FREE Here’s a quick and efficient discount calculator app by Blue Sodium Corp. It lets you specify the discounts in dollar values or percentage. Among useful iOS discount calculator apps, it comes with a clean interface where you can quickly calculate how much you

Gboard for iOS Keyboard is Unique and Special

Here’s Gboard for iOS We have seen many mobile keyboards apps for iOS that aim to make typing and sending messages easy. But, Gboard by Google goes far beyond than just finding GIFs. It comes with built-in search function, an extension of company’s search functions. Third-party keyboard apps are frustrating to use as you cannot

IceCream for iOS Frees Up your iPhone Space

Many times, it happens that we are taking pictures but run out of storage. We need to quickly delete out some to continue clicking the precious moments. But, here’s an app called IceCream that understands your storage concerns. It lets you frees up space on your iPhone so that you won’t have any trouble in

Here’s Next keyboard for iOS

As Apple has provided support for custom keyboard in iOS 8, many third-party developers have come up with keyboards offering an array of features. Recently, Microsoft is also in news for bringing word flow keyboard. Next Keyboard, an iOS keyboard catches our attention for its ability of offering unique and useful features. Let’s have a

20 Best iOS Apps Of 2015

Top iOS Apps of 2015 After talking about top Android apps of 2015, here are the most popular iOS apps of 2015. Let’s have a look at them. 1) CamScanner CamScanner is one of the well-known iOS apps of 2015. It uses your phone’s camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices and more. It includes features