The Basic ECommerce Inventory Management Guide for Beginners

Inventory is hands-down the most critical aspect of any business. You need to have a substantial inventory in place and only then can you think of marketing, selling, and shipping! As the task is crucial, it’s maintenance also requires effort and an eye for detail. Without inventory management, your store is bound to face losses

Get Yourself Introduced To The All-New Pinterest Shop

Pinterest rolls out buyable pins over the summer with the purpose to monetize the platform. Buyable Pins are a way to immediately purchase the products they have bookmarked on the social network. Even though a large number of products are available on Pinterest but the process to buy a product was not straightforward. One had

A day as a delivery boy for Flipkart CEO

FlipkartCEO turned delivery boy Flipkart CEO, Sachin Bansal, on Friday in Bangalore stepped out and turned out to be a common delivery boy. Due to the huge business, he himself went out for delivering the goods to the customers. Heard about any CEO doing the delivery in India. Just as in the initial days of

Top 15 Online Shopping Websites in India

If you are tired of roaming in the mall, looking for the stuff you want, tired of walking, tired of dragging bags while you shop, running out of time, too hot, too cold to walk out; online shopping marketplace is the best choice for you. Popular among the youths of the country and gaining popularity

Online medicine app DeliMedi: Medicine at the doorstep

Worried about a prescribed medicine which is not available in your nearest Pharmacy? Checked online for the medicines and they have the delivery after a day or two? Here comes the latest app for the android phones which helps you to search for the prescribed medicines with the number of retail medical shops tied up

SnapShopr – the buzzing online shopping app for shoppers

In today’s world of online shopping, the importance of retention and conversion are the priority. Lost in the keywords, categories and so on, we tend to miss out the important stuff. Here, comes SnapShopr online shopping app – with its image recognition AI solves the problem of text based search. The basic idea behind SnapShopr